!! OMG Stars: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 26th, 2021

If you have been reading these horoscopes for awhile, you’ll know that my shtick about eclipses is that they are common. There are multiples a year, clustered into eclipse “seasons,” and they vary in type and visibility. This eclipse is a total lunar eclipse, in which the moon is briefly completely hidden by the shadow of the earth. Astrologically, they are regarded as portents of change, once considered to foretell the death of a king. Contemporary online astrology can get a little click-baity around them, predicting massive change or upheavals in your life.

Well, such things can certainly happen, but personally I shy away from predicting them. This eclipse comes right before a Mercury retrograde in Mercury’s home territory of Gemini, with the sun also in the sign of the twins and the moon in Gemini’s opposing sign of Sagittarius. This polarity is about information and learning; growth and expansion; ideas and action. This is the polarity of teacher and student, and the way these two roles are mutable and rely on each other.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

In the spirit of the Sagittarius-Gemini opposition, and to hopefully dispel some Internet astrology myths, here’s some quick facts about eclipses and the moon:

-Full moon/lunar eclipse = sun and moon opposite

-Lunar eclipse = supercharged full moon

-New moons/solar eclipses = sun and moon conjunct

-There are about six eclipses a year: generally 2-3 lunar, and 2-5 solar.

-Eclipses happen in the same pair of signs for a period of about 1.5 – 2 years.

-The signs of the north node (also called the true node) and the south node are the same as the signs that eclipses will be happening in.

-Solar eclipse =  supercharged new moon

Hopefully these factoids help clear up any lunation confusion. Wishing you all the best for this fun and exciting astrology.

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Aries and Aries Rising

While an eclipse in a fire sign could be exactly as spicy as it sounds, your ruling planet Mars’ current transit through Cancer might be cooling down normally hot Aries tempers – or at least making them a bit extra sensitive. Cancer is not Mars’ favourite place to be and there are good and bad things about that; Mars in cancer can teach us to be vulnerable, and to prioritize the people we care about.  As much as self-love and self-care are important, and currently talked about a lot on the internet, remember that caring for other people can also be an act of care for yourself.

Aries rising people have this eclipse in your 9th house of growth, providing an opportunity to think about what changes have brought about your growth already. The 9th house also has to do with higher learning and travel, so to get extra horoscope-y about it, I could tell you that *an unexpected trip could be in the midst* or *you may get sudden news about an education-related project*.

I could also just tell you that whatever changes you’re going through right now will be a major source of growth and learning for you in the coming couple of years, so pay attention to how change begets expansion.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

While Sagittarius and Taurus are not signs that have much to say to each other, I’m interested in how this full moon hits for those of you with Taurus rising. Taurus rising readers have the full moon in your 8th house of transformation, so the signification is a bit literal. Eclipses = transformation, 8th house = transformation, soooo…your transformation is transforming? The 8th house is a strange part of the zodiac, intimate, deep, and complex, so this eclipse could kick off some deeper understandings of yourself. Events or circumstances that lead to a greater depth of intimacy with yourself or with those you are entangled with can proceed following a moon like this.

I usually try to talk about some of the more mundane aspects of major astrology, but the 8th house is not a terrible mundane area. The only thing I can suggest is that this part of your chart has to do with taxes, debt, and money awarded to you. So, while I can foresee some potentially very doom-y horoscopes coming your way, taurus rising, this could also be some potentially good and unexpected financial news for you. This is in the vein of a magazine horoscope telling you to buy a lottery ticket today, but I find it useful to think about what are the more metaphoric interpretations of such a suggestion.

What is it to suddenly receive something unexpected, and to put yourself in line for it? Think about what you want to have come to you in your life, Taurus rising, and put yourself in its path.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs, and full moons occur when the sun and the moon are opposite each other – so right now with the sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius, bingo, we have a full moon on the sisterhood of the travelling planets. Gemini is about quick movement, short trips, and research, whereas Sagittarius is long distances, journeys, and growth. Being a Gemini, sun, moon, or rising, brings some love of the breadth of knowledge to you.

This eclipse, and the period of eclipses around your sign lasting from the latter half of 2020, continuing there until early 2022 -could be some of change in your life that has a sort of fated feeling to it. “This was always meant to happen!”/”I was always meant to meet you!” kind of vibes.  For some clues on how this might feel, think back to between March 2011 and August 2012, and between October 2001 – April 2003.

What are your memories like from that time? Who came into your life and who left it? Reflect now on who is moving in and out of your life, as these will likely be people you remember for a long time to come.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Many people’s relationships to their bodies have changed deeply in the past year. Time at home in isolation meant less running around, and led to softening both into our bodies, our couches, and our bellies. Living in a pandemic has changed our relationships to hygiene, and has made many of us more protective of our bodies, more shielded from the germs we encounter on the everyday. Neither of these changes have an inherent value attached to them, but our culture tends to attach it anyway: soft bodies are less desirable than firm ones, and the line between “appropriately cautious” and “anxious germophobe” can really fluctuate wildly.

Instead of assigning value to your body and the way you protect it, try to simply spend time noticing what has  changed. What has been for the better? What do you anticipate will continue to change, slowly, or perhaps radically? WIll you rip your facemask off the second your local health advises it’s allowed? Will you race into a gym the second it’s open or are you kind of into a soft lifestyle?

By getting comfortable with change in our body, we are able to face the inevitability that it will continue, always – and that to age is a blessing not all receive.

Leo and Leo Rising

This eclipse in Leo’s sister fire sign of Sagittarius offers a little beam of support for Leo readers, but nothing so huge it will likely be more than a (hopefully) nice day.

Leo rising readers have the full moon in your 5th house of creativity, fun, and dating, meaning there are  few intertwined areas of your life that are being affected. This eclipse marks a fantastic moment to start a new project. The 5th house is Leo’s territory, so it’s an area where you natally have some home field advantage.

As a Leo rising, with Sagittarius in this area you are naturally curious and perhaps ambitious when it comes to your creative practices. If you’re dating right now, this could also be a great lunation to shoot your shot — send the text, enter the DMs, this is great energy for it: best case scenario you get something cool for the summer (or longer), and if it doesn’t go your way it’s likely to be forgotten in a flurry of activity once the Mercury retrograde fades, anyway.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

I can’t remember who it is (if you know, please tell me!) but someone on Twitter has been speaking for awhile now about how one of the best things to do with every full moon is to clean your house. Astrologically it’s sound, as the moon does represent our emotions and relationship to home, and the full moons are a culmination and therefore a good time to purge – but for Virgo risings this is particularly true. Virgo rising people have Sagittarius on the 4th house of home, meaning you have a relationship to home that is at once a bit unstable but also adventurous. Maybe you come from rocky roots, or move around a lot, or just like to rearrange furniture all the time.

With this full moon and eclipse think of how your home has seen you through transformations. The particular way that family (chosen and of origin) have seen you through major change, and may very well continue to do so. This part of your life is likely to see some big change in the coming months, and while I am usually hesitant to point to particular days as harbingers of that change (especially without seeing your particular chart), today (and this week) is a good time to notice how you are feeling about what’s coming down the pipe for you at home.

Maybe you have a move coming up or there’s a change in your family, but take a moment to notice the daily changes as a way to desensitize your Virgoan self to the upheaval of it, and use your mutable side to adapt as it comes.

Libra and Libra Rising

Libra, Sagittarius, and Gemini are like three friends at a party: together they like to gossip, share stories, compare outfits, and bring people in. There is a social nature to these three signs and the way this full moon is participating with your Libra placements makes me think of those three friends. I’ve always described Libra as the Carrie Bradshaw of the zodiac (*this is not Libra hate*) so think of Sagittarus as Miranda (a sarcastic lawyer!) and Gemini as Charlotte (naive and curious!) (Samantha however is undoudbtedly a Scorpio with Leo rising and Capricorn moon)…this pop culture diversion describes perfectly the energy I’m talking about.

Libra rising folks have this full moon in your 3rd house of communication. A perfect place to think of that chatty energy! The 3rd house is about your own communication skills and style, but it’s also about short trips and your siblings. Sometimes they try to fit a lot of things into the houses. A newspaper horoscope could tell you that you’ll take an unexpected short trip today, or get surprising news from your siblings. I will fall back on my dance practice and suggest you pay attention to your movement today.

The way you move in the world is a lot of the energy you put out into it, so be mindful as you move through the house, the streets, wherever you are, as you think about what you want to communicate.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

A general word for Scorpio folks: sometimes my Scorpio clients ask me what to do with their Scorpio side, recognizing its intensity. People feel like this side of themselves scares people away and is a depth of emotion not always easy to live with. This can be true, but in general my feeling on Scorpio is that the way to live with it is to lean into it. It’s a side of yourself to embrace, to get to know, and to see with complete clarity: Scorpio sees through bullshit so this side of yourself can be uncomfortable but a tremendous source of learning.

It’s appropriate to focus on this kind of learning during an eclipse in Sagittarius. Scorpio rising folks have this eclipse in your second house of resources – big “be cautious with your spending” energy, but also “perhaps there will be a surprise in your resources” energy. The secound house is about your money, your energy, your values, and your possessions. This eclipse recalls changes that have taken place in your chart already, and indicates that there may still be more change to come. Changes in one’s resource situation are sometimes uncomfortable, but with Sagittarius in this region of your chart you’re used to an unpredictable nature here.

Avoid fear-mongering and just to be safe, keep an eye on your bank statements.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Eclipses in one’s own sign can sometimes feel like major portents of doom, if you’re looking at the Internet. But you, Sagittarius, you love adventure! You are adaptable beyond measure! Even if your whole chart is not particularly Sagittarian, with the archer on your sun or rising, you have a central part of yourself that can roll with the punches. The eclipses started taking place around your sign in the latter half of 2020, and will continue there until early 2022 – these years could involve some big changes in your life. For some clues on how these changes might affect you, think back to between March 2011 and August 2012, and between October 2001 – April 2003.

What areas of your life went through particular changes during those periods? Any big events stick out? You can use a lunar calculator to figure out what the moon was doing on particular dates, or search for lists of eclipse dates in Wikipedia.

My Astrology teacher always taught me that the past is the greatest fortune teller, and looking back to see forwards might be the most useful way for you to learn from change.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Gemini don’t typically have tons to speak about to each other. When I think about these three signs I kind of imagine Sag and Gemini starting trouble and Capricorn as a bit of a third wheel who just wants to go home. The chattery and frenetic energy of this eclipse might not be pleasing to your Capricorn self, so if you feel a bit overwhelmed right now, I give you permission to blame the astrology.

Capricorn rising folks have this full moon in your 12th house of dreams and solitude. You get your shadow self really activated right now, all the more reason to blame the astrology if you feel a bit weird. Pay special attention to your dreams right now, both sleeping and daydreams. What are you projecting into the world? Where does your mind go when it wanders?

Think about what you are hoping to have happen in your future and how the drifting mind can express those possibilities to you.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is still a hotspot for astrology since Saturn remains in your sign, but Jupiter spending the summer in Pisces means that the two gas giants won’t both be stomping through your grounds this summer. This could be seen as a bummer, because Jupiter = “lucky”, but I also find Jupiter can = “just a lot of attention where you might not want it”, so take the discipline of Saturn as lesson and set some boundaries in your life this summer.

Aquarius rising readers have this full moon in your 11th house of community. This house is about your own community, but also how you fit into society at large. It’s as much about the system of human interaction as it is about the emotional bonds of it – it often reminds me of  The Chart from the L word. What would you like to see change about this side of your life? Is there a person you have a friend crush on, or an organization you’ve always wanted to take part in?

Be inspired by this eclipse and take the plunge, knowing that any risks you take will likely just be part of a flurry of activity once Mercury retrograde hits.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Sagittarius and Pisces are technically signs in a hard relationship to each other, but it’s a relationship I love: instead of being too different, I sometimes think it’s more that they’re too similar. Both mutable, both a bit impulsive, both go a bit where the wind takes them. An eclipse in this sign might be pulling at your desire to move and experience changes, manifesting as either wanderlust or just irritability.

Pisces rising folks have this full moon in your 10th house of career and public profile. A nice area for horoscope writers: “expect big changes at work”, “a project you have been working on may come to completion” and the like. Since your sign is so good at reflecting, this is a good time to reflect on change already present in your career, and to think of what change you want to come.

What woud you love to see change about your work, your output, your presence? Hold onto those dreams throughout this eclipse to invite them into your reality.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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