!! OMG Stars: Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtFull Moon in Scorpio, April 26, 2021

An interesting question Western astrologers face is that of the Southern Hemisphere: how, when this system was designed to describe the seasonal shifts in the Northern Hemisphere, does it translate to the opposite? When Scorpio season is there to describe death that accompanies the leaves falling off trees, how can it describe Springtime in Melbourne, particularly when so much of the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t have the same kind of cold and snow that is common in much of the North?

This week, I started thinking about how the full moons always occur in the opposite sign to the sun. So here in the Northern hemisphere, it’s spring and this is described by Taurus season: Taurus is Venus-ruled, has to do with the earth, gardens, and comfort. In the Southern Hemisphere, Taurus season describes a time of year of seasonal winding down, particularly in higher degree latitudes.

I’m often perplexed by this problem! But then I realized that it means the full moon takes on a different meaning. Instead of the sun’s sun describing the season, the moon’s luminous culmination describes the time of year.

Full Moon in Scorpio horoscopes April 2021Scorpio describes the process of death, but also of rebirth. It is transformation — in our body, Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and the expulsion organs… piss, shit and sex.

So, while the warm energy of the sun in Taurus signals to our bodies that it is time to plant, gather, and nourish, the cool reflection of the moon — our solar system’s other luminary planet — reminds us that these two do not exist without each other. The comfort of Taurus relies on the depths of Scorpio, and transformation is only possible when we feel safe enough to emerge.

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Aries Rising and Sun

Aries and Scorpio form an astrological relationship to each other called an inconjunct. Inconjunctions occur between signs that are one-out of an opposition, and the relationship describes signs that have perhaps the least in common of any relationship in the zodiac. Oppositions have something to disagree about, squares produce friction from their tension, but inconjunctions show up to the table like two people on a boring first date. But I like to reframe our expectations of what we want from our astrological relationships: not everyone you meet has to be a friend, lover, or enemy – some people just float by you.

All this said, the relationship between Aries and Scorpio is one I find particularly interesting: both can be known for intensity, both have a martian (as in of-mars) association, and neither of them are signs you wanna piss off, but for very different reasons. This full moon, I invite you to look at other kinds of anger. Aries has a relationship to anger that can feel singular: why would anyone express their anger or emotions in any way other than my way? But Scorpio’s way is so different from Aries that it barely knows what to bring to the table.

Aries expels, Scorpio simmers. I truly don’t think either way (or any way) is correct, but I encourage you to think about how any other way might help you develop a style of expression most conducive to getting what you need.

Taurus Rising and Sun

In Scorpio the moon is in Taurus’ opposite sign, so while we are in your sun-season, this lunation shows the opposite of Taurus’ energy. Where your sign wants comfort, Scorpio knows that discomfort is transformation. Where your sign looks to gather resources safely through labour, Scorpio uses risk to invest and borrow. In this full moon, the two luminaries of our solar system – the sun and the moon – are facing each other in whatever spot of the chart Taurus is for you, whether sun, moon, or rising.

Consider what in your life is being illuminated. Are you seeing yourself reflected back from your partnerships? Is your identity making you uncomfortable? Are you in touch with your private side? Whatever it is, I invite you to make space for the full spectrum of your emotional experiences with this lunation, and seek acceptance of your own feelings.

Gemini Rising and Sun

Gemini and Scorpio form one of my favourite relationships in astrology, called an Inconjunct. Occurring between signs that are one-away from being opposite each other, inconjunctions describe signs that really have nothing to talk about. Think about the co-worker whose life circumstances are so different that you kind of dread winding up one-on-one with dead air between you. However, if there is anything we can glean from being in constant isolation, it is that our relationships with people outside our immediate circle are sometimes the ones that help you grow the most. Speaking to people with completely different lives and views can be some of the most illuminating circumstances in our lives.

So, Gemini, what does Scorpio have to teach you? Perhaps you have Scorpio planets and you have an inconjunction in your chart so this disjoint is familiar to you; or perhaps you don’t and the perspective is hard. Gemini likes a wide view and a cursory knowledge of everything, so Scorpio’s laser-focused intensity can be a bit intimidating or, at worst for a Gemini, boring. I invite you, Gemini, to use this full moon to look at what in your life could use some laser focus. I love the Gemininian polymath quality, but sometimes we gotta finish a thing.

Scorpio could just be the sign that helps you finish it. Look to the Scorpios in your life for some inspiration. Moving on from whatever it is could be the invitation for a new hobby you need.

Cancer Rising and Sun

As two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio share a nature. Cancer wants connection, vulnerability, and safety, whereas Scorpio wants passion, depth, and transformation. They have much to teach each other and are often drawn to each other. Scorpio can appear to Cancer as the bad boy (in the gender-neutral usage) in junior high you were kind of fascinated by, and Cancer to Scorpio as the person at work who always brings you snacks and listens to your day.

With this full moon, I invite you, Cancer, to think about what moving out of safety might do for you. What would it be to let go of just a little comfort? How could you grow by letting something change? How much joy, creativity, or love could you find with it? The change might hurt but it brings the possibility for new familiar settings/people/things that you’ll come to love.

Leo Rising and Sun

Leo and Scorpio share in common what is called a mode, or quality: both are fixed signs. Fixed signs maintain, persist, and hold. Leo holds fiercely to people and is one of the most loyal signs, but doesn’t love when the rug is pulled out from them: your lot like to be in control of your own life. Scorpio shares that loyalty but is much more comfortable with transformation.

Scorpio season holds some of the darkest times in the year in much of the world (there’s nothing quite like the particular deep darkness of halloween night!) whereas Leo and full August sun give a very different feeling. I invite you with this full moon, Leo, to look where there light isn’t. What in your home, brain, and life don’t currently have much light on them? What would benefit from some illumination, whereas what is better left unlit?

Darkness isn’t a bad thing (it’s yet another vestige of white supremacy that equates “dark” with “evil”) but we’re often afraid of what we can’t see. But you don’t need to see something to know it exists. Acknowledge what is unperceived for you and try to get comfortable with it.

Virgo Rising and Sun

I’m interested in signs that are two-apart from each other, as are Virgo and Scorpio, and that they form a relationship called a sextile. Sextiles are like a friendship or an opportunity, and they are between signs whose differences challenge each other just enough while also egging each other on. Where Virgo is cautious, Scorpio is private. Where Virgo is neurotic, Scorpio is neurotic.

Where Virgo will help you make dinner, Scorpio will listen to you bitch about your day. The two make a surprisingly great pair. With this full moon, I invite you to look into what your Scorpio side can teach you. Perhaps it’s how to speak up for yourself, or how to move with determination.

Allow Scorpionic intensity to be a source of growth and enjoyment in your life, knowing you can keep it a secret if you want to.

Libra Rising and Sun

As signs next to each other, Libra and Scorpio have qualities that bleed into each other, despite their differences. Libra is harmonious, aesthetic, and balanced: Scorpio is transformative, creative, and fixed. Libra’s constant shifting seek of balance turns into Scorpio’s ability to let change shift around while remaining at the center.

With this full moon I invite you to consider the Scorpios in your life, or your own Scorpionic side (particularly if you have any planets or placements there), to see how they are similar or different. How can Libra’s desire for everyone to feel nice be set free by Scorpio’s self-determination? How does your aesthetic sensibility lead into deep creativity? What do beauty and fear have in common?

This full moon, you can consider these questions alongside the nature of Scorpio in general to mark the lunation and notice its energy in your life.

Scorpio Rising and Sun

I love a full moon in one’s own sign – particularly if you reading this happen to have a Scorpio moon, but of course in any area of your chart it means the moon has come to an important point of your own astrology and is bringing its full luminous power. Think back, Scorpio, to other times in your life in late spring: other times of the full moon in Scorpio.

How do you usually feel around late April? Is there a particular area of life that is usually highlighted? Do you struggle or do you thrive? There could also very well be no pattern at all – in which case I invite you to think about this full moon, and the subsequent week as a time to get in touch with yourself.

Consider how your identity has shifted over this strange and difficult year, and how your natal capacity to hold during transformation has perhaps been a source of inspiration to those around you.

Sagittarius Rising and Sun

As the sign immediately preceding Sagittarius, Scorpio has some tendencies that bleed into Sag: Scorpio’s capacity for transformation lends to Sagittarius’ mutability; Scorpio’s intensity turns into Sag’s passion. Those with Sagittarius rising have Scorpio on your twelfth house, which both transforms into your first house of identity and the transformations that take place to get there.

This lunation, think of what in your life has gone through the full cycle to become a part of who you are. The struggles and challenges that you have faced eventually become part of your personality and personhood, and I invite you to celebrate these.

Capricorn Rising and Sun

Scorpio and Capricorn are signs in a relationship called a sextile: sextiles are like friends, or like opportunities. These signs help each other out but are just different enough to generate the tension necessary for growth. Scorpio is intense, passionate, transformative, and creative: Capricorn is tenacious, competent, disciplined, and constant. Between the two they help with the shading of the other’s ideas: Scorpio can say to Capricorn, “have you considered the shadows of your idea?”, and Capricorn might offer to Scorpio, “what is the practical outcome of your decision?”.

This full moon will be in a brief sextile position to your Capricorn placements, so I invite you to think about any opportunities that may be presenting themselves in your life right now and how taking a Scorpionic approach could help you achieve them.

Failing these opportunities, think of your friends as a whole network of opportunity, and consider the support of your communities.

Aquarius Rising and Sun

Aquarius and Scorpio share in common what is called a mode, or quality: both are fixed signs. Fixed signs maintain, persist, and hold. What’s interesting to me about both Aquarius and Scorpio in this nature is that both signs are also highly concerned with things that are not so fixed in place: Scorpio with transformation, and Aquarius with chaos. While these signs square each other (and therefore can stress each other out), their commonality has much to teach us about how to remain fixed throughout change.

Change can occur around us and we can be in the middle of it, capable and accepting and yet stalwart. I’m sure this is not the first time I have quoted the litany against fear from Dune in my horoscopes – and it will not be the last – but I think in this instance of the second half of it: “I will permit [my fear] to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Pisces Rising and Pisces

As two water signs, Pisces and Scorpio share a nature. Water signs are receptive, empathetic, and flowing. They teach us to be in tuned to ourselves and those around us. Pisces people are concerned with this on a macro level and can experience the emotions of those around you as your own: Scorpio can teach you to close off your walls a little more.

Although Scorpio is a water sign, and is plenty empathetic (ask any Scorpio how often people unload their problems on them), in its full expression the archetype of Scorpio is more like water in its frozen state than Pisces’ fluid and adaptive state. With this full moon, I invite you to imagine your emotional receptivity as a vessel of water.

When you become overwhelmed with the influx of other people’s emotions into that vessel, visualize it freezing over. This way, if another person’s emotions pour into the vessel, they will rest on top until you are ready to melt and let them in.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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