!! OMG, a Starbucks cup had a accidental cameo in ‘Game of Thrones’ !!

Even Daenerys Targaryen enjoys a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte! Find the Game of Thrones set-dressing flub after the jump! We wonder how she takes hers? No whip? Half-sweet?

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5 Comments on "OMG, a Starbucks cup had a accidental cameo in ‘Game of Thrones’"

  1. Most entertaining scene this season.

  2. It was from an Irish coffee establishment not a Starbuck’s there are other take a way places for caffeine .

  3. They knew this would distract us from the terrible writing and a botched attempt, in six hurried episodes, to wrap up storylines and conflicts they’ve been setting up the entire series.

    • Please, ANYTHING to distract… this season is wretched! Truly the outcome of the effort by two un-seasoned fan-boys who have taken over the creative helm of an otherwise phenomenal series (up to Season 6 when George RR Martin ran out of steam).

      I feel like I am watching another JJ Abrams reboot of a classic.

      Two more episodes to go.

      I wonder if they will pull a “St. Elsewhere” finale and have all of Westeros just end up being pencil sketches in some introverted adolescents grade school note book?

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