!! Gay Bloggies: FINAL REMINDER !!

This is the last time I will be bugging you all about the Gay Bloggies, as this is the last day of voting and the winner will be announced tomorrow.
Please, please, please: Give my final entry the “thumbs up” if you haven’t already, and also important, please “thumbs down” my opponents. It’s like giving me two extra votes.
Keep in mind you can only vote once per round, so if you’ve already voted for Round 12, please ask your friends to do the same!
At stake is a huge $2500 cash prize and a bucketload of 1-year memberships to sites like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, and You Love Jack, which I will be giving away in contests after the New Year.
Thanks for your support throughout this very long contest. We’re in the homestretch now and the competition is fierce! Please help me win! xo Frank

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3 Comments on "Gay Bloggies: FINAL REMINDER"

  1. AAAHHH – it’s been weeks – did they ever announce who won?? i’ve been following the contest but haven’t heard results! can you please let me know???? thanks 🙂

  2. Done! I voted you up and everyone else down. Good Luck!

  3. Definitely got my vote – long time fan here!

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