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!! OMG, presenting our Halloween costume for 2024: ‘Spirited’ National Anthem Girl !!

This girl said ‘Fergie, hold my beer’ after having 12 beers and really got up there and did this beeg sleeiough on the National Anthem like that (deserving). Rebecca Black, have a seat.
You just know some pageant tiger mom is behind this.

And the flared arm detail on that gown! We love.

!! OMG, WATCH: Ten-foot tall ‘aliens’ were spotted in Brazil !!

The footage was caught by Sara Dalete, who was hiking with her family at Brazil’s Ilha do Mel island when they spotted the strange figures.

Dalete claimed that the figures were about three meters tall and “moved very quickly,” although she claimed it wasn’t possible for her party to communicate with the figures or reach them on the hilltop.

While a clip from the encounter is going viral online, a spokesperson for the Paraná State government reportedly mocked the incident, saying, “Our summer is from another world. Even strange beings come here to enjoy our coastline.”

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