!! Gay Bloggies Round 9 Reminder !!

Hey everybody,
I just realized today that the Gay Bloggies race is getting mean and dirty. All my competitors are asking their readers to give me a “thumbs down,” which takes away my votes!
Not very nice of them, so I have to ask you to return the favor if you have another spare second. Just scroll to the bottom of each and hit the “thumbs down” button.
And of course if you have yet to give me the “thumbs up” for Round 9, you can do it here.
I promise I will make all this voting up to you if I win: fourteen porn memberships given away in contests, plus my everlasting gratitude! You couldn’t ask for more! Thank you thank you thank you!! xo Frank

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4 Comments on "Gay Bloggies Round 9 Reminder"

  1. i went to your enemies sites and clicked each one of these thumbs down. then went to yours and clicked thumbs up…every one of ’em…..will that make you win?

  2. It’s that ridiculous Bryanboy who started it. He is definitely a weirdo.
    But well once 1 becomes nasty, it is too natural for others to follow. So you become nasty too! But I will be nasty with you 🙂

  3. But don’t you want to keep me in the race longer because I’ll be easier to beat in the top two?
    Just sayin! 🙂

  4. It’s starting to get nasty! Not only will I continue to vote for you, but against them as well!

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