!! Gay marriage is safe in Canada !!

BREAKING: !! omg blog !! just got a hold of this exclusive photo of conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper crying like a little girl following yesterday’s resounding defeat of his effort to reopen the gay marriage debate in Parliament. It must be hard when even members of your own party don’t toe the line on your regressive agenda.

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2 Comments on "Gay marriage is safe in Canada"

  1. You are exactly right Kevin. Mr.Harper didn’t expect this to pass. He kept his promise making this supporters happy, it didn’t pass making the gays happy. Everyone wins! I may not like Stephen Harper, but he is a good strategist.

  2. I honestly don’t believe he cares either way about gay marriage. There was never a chance the debate would be reopened, this was just political posturing. Only 20 MPs showed up on Wednesday when the motion was tabled. The PM wasn’t even there. Since his government has accomplished very little, this was an easy way to follow through with one, low-priority campaign promise. Now he can go into the next election and say to his clueless, right-wing constituents in Alberta, “See, I keep my campaign promises. So don’t get mad at me for taxing income trusts.”

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