!! OMG, it’s a nerd vibe: Geeky Sex Toys !!

Geeky Sex ToysGeeky Sex Toys is a handcrafted line of fantasy-themed sex toys out of Australia. Each platinum silicone toy is mixed, pigmented, and poured by hand and designs are conceived in-house. There is a toy to scratch the itch of every nerdy niche: Marvel, hentai, He-Man, Star Wars, sparkly unicorns…

When we discovered this collection, we had to ask our sexpert friends at The Feltt to offer their honest opinion.

Browse their favs after the NSFW jump!

Hentai tentacle dildo blue and purpleAs an adult, the act of bathing isn’t really that fun. It’s usually a pretty basic act of self-care, and while that always feels nice, I’m imagining a scenario where bath time is like… REALLY fun again.

Octupus butt plugs pink and yellowIt involves the tender, slimy caresses of a tentacle monster who has little octopus friends that swim, squish, and squirm up my butthole. Should I go on?

R2-D2 and Darth Vader Star Wars vibratorsIn a galaxy far, far away… I would have to get both Darth Vibrator and R2-V2 to see who would win the ultimate battle of good and evil—whichever one makes me come harder, wins.

Pink and purple unicorn horn dildosOBVIOUSLY when I laid eyes on the Unicorn Horn Dildo, I had a full fantasy that included sporting it on my forehead while wearing a pastel wig and matching tail; sadly, the horn comes with a warning to not do this.

The Unicorn Horn Dildo comes with a super strong suction cup base that encourages adventurous role play, but it will also leave a giant hickey on your forehead.

Maybe it’ll still work with a headband harness? I hope someone tries it and lets us know!

Troll hammer dildoWho d’you think are the hottest trolls ever? My list would include Lord of the Rings’ Cave Troll, Hoggle from Labyrinth, and the troll from Troll.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to get pounded by a troll hammer, Möan-Lnir might just be the dildo for you.

Large green Incredible Hulk monster dildoSpeaking of hot trolls and goblins, have you all been watching Drag Race UK this season? I think that the perfect fetish fantasy addition to Ellie Diamond’s furry chaps and green skin would be The Incredible Dong.

This silicone dildo is clearly meant as an Incredible Hulk fantasy but I see no reason to not include it in other green skin role-play (e.g., aliens, Frankenstein and goblins)!

He-Man Master sword dildoI am truly impressed by how ingeniously crafted Geeky Sex Toys products are, and I think that the Master Dildo Sword may be their most impressive toy. With a removable sheath, it boasts three possible dildos that allow for extra creative impalement fantasies.

The Master Dildo Sword can function as a double-ended dildo, and the handle and extra length are also a plus for folks with mobility issues. The perfect toy to stab out my meat (as Lady Saw once said).

Shop the full collection of Geeky Sex Toys here.

The Feltt is a contemporary pleasure boutique, and is not affiliated with Geeky Sex Toys. Recommendations are visual evaluations provided to OMG.BLOG.

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s a nerd vibe: Geeky Sex Toys"

  1. Lolahatesshannon | March 6, 2021 at 11:22 am | Reply

    What? No SHANNON fire hydrant sized SPD?

  2. It’s 2021 they are now called SPD’s self pleasure devices. Sex toys insinuates some kind of intimacy and that isn’t fair to those who use them alone.

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