!! OMG, it’s a nerd vibe: Geeky Sex Toys !!

Geeky Sex ToysGeeky Sex Toys is a handcrafted line of fantasy-themed sex toys out of Australia. Each platinum silicone toy is mixed, pigmented, and poured by hand and designs are conceived in-house. There is a toy to scratch the itch of every nerdy niche: Marvel, hentai, He-Man, Star Wars, sparkly unicorns…

When we discovered this collection, we had to ask our sexpert friends at The Feltt to offer their honest opinion.

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!! OMG, WATCH: ‘Circus Of Books’ trailer shows a straight couple’s gay adult media empire !!

Executive produced by Ryan Murphy, the documentary tells the history of “the center of the gay universe,” as one patron termed it, an adult bookstore in Los Angeles called Circus of Books.

Rachel Mason, the director of the film, interviewed her parents, Karen and Barry Mason, the straight owners of Circus of Books who sought to keep their business a secret from their children and friend circle — through more than three decades of being the country’s largest distributor of gay porn. The store shuttered in 2019.

Through the lens of this one family, Circus of Books captures the progress of the LGBTQ movement in L.A. as well as the shift to digital that marked the end of an era for bookstores and the adult film industry. RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Alaska Thunderfuck, a onetime employee, also lends commentary.

Circus of Books premieres April 22 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above!

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!! OMG, Ezra Miller plays with gender and serves up piping-hot lewks for GQ Style !!

“I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed by how much room there was [in the GQ photoshoot] for my very strange and fluid expressions […] I’m comfortable with all the pronouns. I let he/his/him ride, and that’s fine.”

Ezra Miller plays with gender and serves up piping-hot lewks for GQ Style in this month’s issue! Check out the full interview here, and find the full photoshoot after the jump!


!! OMG, quote of the day: Scott Eastwood is having lots of S-E-X !!

“Don’t shame it. Embrace it. Embrace it. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about everything sex. How to have healthy sex. How to have some not-so-healthy sex. Dirty sex. More sex. Everyone should be having sex with themselves or with someone else. I am single, dating and having sex, lots of it.”

Scott Eastwood on his sex confession to XTRA. Good to know! Sing it, sis!

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