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!! OMG Rebel Wilson’s new queer dating app, ‘Fluid’ !!

Counting on the fact that you have room in your life for a new dating app, let alone on your phone, out actor and comedian Rebel Wilson is set to launch Fluid, the first app where you don’t have to check a box to define your sexuality.

Apparently the app’s proprietary algorithm figures this out for you.

According to Wilson:

“The algorithm just picks up who you are vibing with and how much time you spend on certain profiles and it’s open enough so that if your sexuality moves into a different direction, it will follow because of what you are preferring on the app.”

Fluid indeed. One less thing for Cookie to think about!

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!! OMG, ever wonder how not to be terrible? !!

how to behave

The Cut has done us all the supreme solid of compiling this very au courant list of how to “text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist in the world today.”

A few standouts that we are echoing here for the people in the back:

18. If you’re a dating adult, you should own lube. It doesn’t matter who you are having sex with.

36. Never ask anyone what their job is. It’s classist and boring.

Anything critical they missed?



!! OMG, a sexy holiday gift guide, courtesy of The Feltt !!

The Feltt x OMG.BLOG holiday gift guideThis is a guest post by our friends at The Feltt, a contemporary sexual health and wellness online store. Visit them at thefeltt.com or follow them on Instagram @thefeltt.

Here’s the thing—shopping for sexy things for your partner(s) can be enlightening, intimate and FUN, but one of the keys (and the tough part) to good gifting is finding something really thoughtful. So, ask if there’s something they’ve been curious about and wanting to try, or if there’s something that might help fulfill a desire of theirs.

It’s also a great idea to gift things that are luxe upgrades to totally practical and useful items, like something special your gift-ee may not splurge on when shopping for themselves.

There are plenty of items that get the job done, but why not splash out on the nicer lube or that gorgeous stainless steel toy?

After the jump, you’ll find a selection of our favourite sexy gift suggestions for the holidays.


!! OMG, get slippery: 3 better lubes to try !!

This is a guest post by our friends at The Feltt, a contemporary sexual health and wellness online store. Visit them at thefeltt.com or follow their sexy Instagram account @thefeltt.

When it comes to more pleasurable, safer sex, lube is a must. The anus is not self-lubricating, so choosing the right one will help to facilitate a smooth ride, enhancing pleasure and feel (and avoiding tearing and pain).

A perfect match is based on your body chemistry and preferred types of play. Lubes interact with different bodies in particular ways (and bodies change over time) so sometimes it takes a bit of trial and experimentation to find the right combination.

The average rectal pH is less acidic than the vagina—something to keep in mind when choosing a water-based lube for anal play. A lube that causes stinging, burning or itching could mean that it’s not balanced for your rectum’s pH.

In this guide, The Feltt breaks down their favourite lubes and what they’re best for. See the reviews after the jump!


!! OMG, it’s a nerd vibe: Geeky Sex Toys !!

Geeky Sex ToysGeeky Sex Toys is a handcrafted line of fantasy-themed sex toys out of Australia. Each platinum silicone toy is mixed, pigmented, and poured by hand and designs are conceived in-house. There is a toy to scratch the itch of every nerdy niche: Marvel, hentai, He-Man, Star Wars, sparkly unicorns…

When we discovered this collection, we had to ask our sexpert friends at The Feltt to offer their honest opinion.

Browse their favs after the NSFW jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: ‘Circus Of Books’ trailer shows a straight couple’s gay adult media empire !!

Executive produced by Ryan Murphy, the documentary tells the history of “the center of the gay universe,” as one patron termed it, an adult bookstore in Los Angeles called Circus of Books.

Rachel Mason, the director of the film, interviewed her parents, Karen and Barry Mason, the straight owners of Circus of Books who sought to keep their business a secret from their children and friend circle — through more than three decades of being the country’s largest distributor of gay porn. The store shuttered in 2019.

Through the lens of this one family, Circus of Books captures the progress of the LGBTQ movement in L.A. as well as the shift to digital that marked the end of an era for bookstores and the adult film industry. RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Alaska Thunderfuck, a onetime employee, also lends commentary.

Circus of Books premieres April 22 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above!

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