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!! OMG, DENOUNCED! Del Toro says ‘Shape Of Water’ dildo being sold on Etsy is not accurate to creature’s body !!

We recently shared with our readers that THE SHAPE OF WATER‘s creature has been given its own DILDO tribute thanks to some Etsy sex toy makers… Well, the film’s director Guillermo Del Toro says that the eggplant ain’t accurate y’all! SHAME! Check out his response above! The film’s actor Doug Jones also denounced the dildo (never thought I’d write that sentence!):

“With a light chuckle, I can tell you it’s not exactly what I’d hoped for.I’ve actually had several real action figures made of my creature roles in the past — all done in good taste. After pouring my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into this romantic, beautiful, magical role, the last thing I want to be remembered for is a silicone appendage that comes in two sizes.”

Still don’t care!? Need one in ya!? Grab one today!

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!! OMG, an Oscar contender!? The creature of The Shape Of Water has its own dildo now !!


Elisa, the film’s protagonist in The Shape Of Water, ends up getting down and dirty with a smooth-crotched monster who is capable of penetrative sex which reveals itself in intimate moments:

She takes her folded hands and slowly opens them like a book, suggesting, I don’t know, some sort of fishy dick saloon doors? Horrifying.
She doesn’t divulge anything about the dong’s specific contours—but thanks to Tumblr user XenoCatArtifacts, a maker of monster-inspired sex toys, she doesn’t have to. The fish dick implied by but never shown in The Shape of Water is now a functional dildo.

Check out what it looks like (and maybe buy one for yourself!?) after the NSFW jump!


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