!! OMG, cover: Glee’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ !!

Whoa, freaky timing with this one, Glee. It’s like…they knew. But Mercedes do the late, great Whitney Houston justice?

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  2. I read that Ryan, et al, changed the episode at the very last minute. She singing the number wasn’t in the original script or cut.
    It’s on the net somewhere.

  3. Gotta laugh at the riduculousness of Chuck’s comment, Jennifer did not do a good job at the Grammys, she sang it way too low and threw in too many adlibs that were totally different from Whitney’s.
    And your remarks about Glee was just precious, you ripped the show saying it was awful but went on to name a bunch of character names and the actors who play them.

  4. Amber Riley did that song great justice. So did Jennifer Hudson, and so did Nicole Scherzinger (when she sang it a while back). Amber, Nicole nor Jennifer sounded exactly like Whitney Houston but then again, neither did Whitney Houston toward the end sound like the the Whitney Houston we all admired in her earlier years.

  5. I am very sad about the death of my favorite singer, I can not stop listening to his songs in a loop, sorry for my English, but I’m French

  6. https://me.yahoo.com/a/sfCmrugxqoXGyGoOrr6I6xF1XRk-#3a278 | February 16, 2012 at 1:13 am | Reply

    To answer the question did she do it justice, simple answer: Hell to the yes. One would be an idiot to try and compare Mercedes to Whitney; Whitney, she ain’t, so why try to compare the two. Hell, Dolly Parton wrote an sang the song originally and she doesn’t even compare to Whitney if you want to play that silly game. The point is there are few who have the chops to successfully navigate the highs and lows of the song. Jennifer, Dolly, and Mercedes are lucky enough that they do but none of them can do it quite like Whitney nor could Whitney do it like any of them so, enough with the assine comparison and just give credit where credit is do. Whitney is an individual, as are the others mentioned, thus, they all should get props for singing the song extremely well.

  7. Love Whitney and this is NO disprespect…. But “I will always love” Dolly’s original version best. Sweet, tender and the spoken verses in the original crush you. That being said, I think this performance is amazing…and I think Jennifer Hudson’s version was amazing. Come on. Whitney is an icon and a legend for a reason…she could SING! Her voice will live in my heart forever.

  8. The fact that this was filmed for Glee’s Valentine episode weeks prior to Whitney’s death makes it all the more powerful. This was a stunning performance by Amber Riley and holds up on it’s own. Noboby’s trying to “do” Whitney here and sadly, Whitney couldn’t even do Whitney for the past several years now.

  9. Of course it was better than J-Hud. Amber Riley had professional music industry folks to edit her performances. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare a live performance to one that isn’t.
    That being said, Glee is a joke. I’ve never seen a show with so much potential throw all of its credibility out of the window. Did I seriously witness Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet’s character who was originally intended to be Kurt’s boyfriend) debating the ethics of homosexuality in the “God Squad?” Umm… isn’t he the character everyone thought was having an affair with Kurt last season and the one Mercedes is currently cheating on her boyfriend with? Is it called “God Squad” because of the irony?
    Anyway, I’m glad they gave Rory more screentime and was happy at the possibility of Karofsky winning Kurt’s heart.

  10. I thought Jennifer Hudson did a great job on Sunday. She seemed to be genuinely grieving, and it enhanced her performance. Mercedes was good, I’ve heard her do better but I think Whitney would have approved.

  11. Damn right she did it justice.

  12. I thought she totally did it justice. This is one of my all time favorite songs and it gives me goose bumps whenever I hear it. Good job.

  13. No one will EVER sing the song like Whitney, but this was a passable tribute to her. Certainly better than J-Hud did on the Grammy’s, anyway.

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