!! OMG, new HBO candy: Genera+ion !!

Justice Smith

Justice Smith in the HBO Max series Genera+ion

High school has always been a drama-filled and fascinating time of life (enough to spawn countless TV comedies and dramas).

On the new hit HBO Max series Genera+ion, a cast of young men experiment with their sexuality as they navigate today’s challenges of entering adulthood. And yes, there are nude scenes. The actors are all adults!

Check out our favorite NSFW moments after the jump.

Scroll down for the highlights, and if you want to see the full scenes, head right here.

First up: Connor Chavez enlists a body double for this dick pic. And what a body double it is!

And don’t even get us started on his sexy make out with Uly Schlesinger.

We get to see Connor’s butt with his pants pulled down…

Before he shoots right in Uly’s eye! Worth it? Probably.

But that load isn’t the last in the series. In another scene, Uly shoots on his chest while watching porn.

Series star Justice Smith flaunts his tight bod and meaty bulge at the pool.

Connor can’t help himself, and gives Justice a once over. We like what he sees!

But the best scene in Genera+ion might actually belong to a locker room full of naked uncredited actors. These boys casually flaunt their full goods and cute butts as Justice chills in his boxer briefs. We don’t remember high school being this way…

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5 Comments on "OMG, new HBO candy: Genera+ion"

  1. 17 yr old (and younger) boys?

  2. You have to watch european movies. There it is real. Like “Being 17” by Techiné or “The Centre of my world”. You see there the semi-hard cock of Jannick Schümann who had his coming-out last year.

  3. Hello-

    very rarely does the male star or a prominent supporting actor ever have a
    frontal nude scene, its usually extras. if the male star of a cable series does
    have a frontal nude scene is usually fake(a prosthetic).

  4. Richard Vestal | March 25, 2021 at 6:34 pm | Reply

    Justice Smith, I love his hairy body. HBO Max, I’ll check that out.

  5. We need this series to continue!

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