!! Hillary Clinton diverges from the script !!

(Image Source via The Malcontent)
Tyra Banks has schooled us well in the art of “smiling with your eyes” on Top Model and now we get a little lesson in “freaking the f*ck out with your eyes” courtesy of Presidential contender Hillary Clinton. Since it is so early, I’m just going to assume she is trying to say, “GOOD MORNING!!!!!!”

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4 Comments on "Hillary Clinton diverges from the script"

  1. I think she’s demonstrating how wide Monica had to open her mouth when she gave Bill that hooter!

  2. I think she’s just seen who’s in front of her and is yelling, “MONICA!!!!”

  3. Maybe she’s saying, “I don’t feel no ways tired! I COME TOO FAR FROM WHERE I STARTED FROM!!!! NOBODY TOLD ME THAT THE ROAD WOULD BE EASY!!”

  4. i LOVE it when the mask falls off … she’s such an artificial person…who would EVER believe anything that wench says!?

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