!! OMG, new music: Homeschool ‘Just Now’ !!

Tom D'Agustino photographed by Nick D'Agostino

Photo by Nick D’Agostino

Just now, NYC-based indie rock cutie Homeschool dropped a new video for the debut single “Hanger-on” from their forthcoming EP titled, er, Just Now!

The video sees front person Tom D’Agustino declaring peace with their feminine side and FTW to anyone who takes issue with it, while chilling to a karaoke video of their own song in a rather lavish looking mansion!

You may also recognize D’Agustino from some recent high profile acting gigs in network hits like NBC’s Blacklist, CBS’s Blue Bloods, STARZ Power, and HBO’s Gossip Girl.

The song and video are a dreamy, nostalgic mashup of ’90s VHS and early 2000s indie rock vibes that culminate in a series of images from the singer’s youth—and ultimately acting as a sort of ode to their newfound self-confidence. In the artist’s words:

“While some of these topics are heavy, I think a lot of this record turned into me poking fun at myself,” they say. “At the end of the day becoming ‘just now’ doesn’t have to be a bummer. It can be a dance, a laugh. It can be the glitter on your eyes that make the tears sparkle.”

Watch the video for “Hanger-on” after the jump!

Just Now is available everywhere from May 19th!

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