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OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtMarch 2022 Horoscopes

Venus has spent a long time in Capricorn.

In December, she moved into this structural territory to then slow right down and skate backwards through the new year, retrograde through until the end of January. During these months, she moved her slowest at two points – at 26º of the sign in December, and at 11º of the sign in January.

Then throughout February, she picked up her pace where she was eventually joined by her long storied partner Mars, who met her mid-month in the sign of the sea-goat and harried her along through til the beginning of March.

Venus in Capricorn is careful business: this is taking time to be certain of your structures, double-checking your finances, loving your boundaries. While she moved backwards in January, she gave the energy of just give me a minute, I have to be absolutely certain that I did the work right—when energetic Mars joined her I saw them as two lovers, Mars coming along to hold her hand and encourage her that everything had truly been done correctly, and she could leave it behind and move on.

Now here we are, just weeks away from the start of Spring, and Venus and Mars are still together where they will hold hands briefly in Aquarius before Venus moves back to her quickened pace and leaves Mars Behind.

Mars may be the planet of energy, but Venus moves faster. Mars might be power, but Venus is persuasion.

In March, and then early April, we see all three of the inner planets move through the sign of the water bearer and form sobering conjunctions to Saturn. They also make squares to Uranus that echo the Saturn-Uranus squares of last year into this one. There is a brief salve with the new moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter (although it also coincides with the Mercury-Saturn conjunction), and with the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 24th, but both of these are brief and I fear will highlight more of the overwhelm and misinformation Pisces can offer than of its sweet creativity.

Astrological events this month:

OMG Stars March 2022 horoscopesAfter all the astrobabble, I’m sorry to report: ultimately, we are still in some tough astrology. But this is news to nobody. Many of us do not quite remember good times, and many of us know that good times for some come at the cost of struggle for others.

Often I am heavy with the knowledge that people look to astrology for comfort and guidance. I am not a counselor or therapist, or a political theorist, or a social justice specialist, or a thinker of any form beyond myth and archetype. When the stars are describing the tough times as such, I’m largely just a bearer of bad news.  I also feel strongly that my voice and my drawings from the stars are ultimately not the commentary anyone needs on world events.

What I can offer is a lens on your personal life. Your personal life continues to happen. Your love, your work, your health, your meals continue to happen.

The full moon in Virgo this month is the greatest celebration of this I can think of. In all the great dreams of Pisces, in all the revolutionary ideas of Aquarius, Virgo comes along with the moon to remind us: our daily lives still offer us the deepest reality we can know.

So counter your feelings of disillusionment by being grounded in the most tangible knowledge you can find. Resist by continuing your existence. Make the meals, do the dishes, do your work, see your friends—not as a means of escapism but as a means of celebrating this inexpressible, precious, and simple reality that we have the privilege of living inside of.

In solidarity, in love, in resilience,

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Aries horoscope March 2022

Aries rising

Do your friends help you dream? What does the space of community give you: what does it look like to be alone, with others?

Who rushes through your life to pull you along? Find the Mars in your world. Find the person, the thing, the object, the plant that encourages you to get up even though you want to lie down. The reason to remember your resilience. Find this encouragement among others. Read the staff list of your workplace. Look at the names of all your friends on a piece of paper. Revel in the group of them all: even if they don’t know each other, you know all of them: in this way they are connected.

Consider their preciousness. Consider your closeness. Consider your ancestors part of this network of people. Now perform a spell for them all: the spell is that you are cleaning your house, the spell is that you are making dinner. The secret is that this is and has always been spellwork. Your most mundane activity is your most direct line to what the full moon wants for you. And subsequently: for your people.

Taurus horoscope March 2022

Taurus rising

What are you known for? What do you share, what do you put out in the world that the most people see? Who, though, do you want to see it – what groups contribute to the growth of your vision?

What is your source of motivation to share anything at all? Is it reputation? Is it security? Is it accolade? Is it that there is something inside of you that needs to express itself, needs to say to the world that you are a particular individual with this particular thought and if you don’t make a mark how will anyone know? Lean into that last one. Be comforted by it. Hold it in your hands and let it hold your hand back.

And hold your creativity by the hand just like it, consider that the magic this months full moon has for you is in your voice. Is in your joy. The mundanity of creative expression. The everyday reliability of it: the way you cut your toast in quarters not triangles, the way you put on eyeliner. The small creative moments you choose every single day to mark your presence and your reality on this earth: ultimately we are known for these too.

Gemini horoscope March 2022

Gemini rising

Have you stopped yourself from growing? Have you held yourself back? Is there someone there who wants you to, who texts you “when’s it coming”, who knows your potential and has pushed you into it?

What growth is yet to come? Have you put off? Growth doesn’t have to be a punishment. Growth can be a joy. Growth can make you excited, you can be excited for it. What’s that beautiful trip you took that made you realize some hard truths then also gave you the capacity to deal with them? What’s the last thing you learned? And who did you share it with? (We’re ready to hear from you.)

The best news is you can activate this magic from home. You can fold your laundry in your house and it will help you out and up. You can sit in conversation with those you live with and know this is feeding your expansion. This month’s full moon invites for you the magic of the home, and grounds all your outgoing sharing from there.

Cancer horoscope March 2022

Cancer rising

With whom have you been tangled and what have you picked up? What are the benefits of intimacy? When someone wraps you up in their arms how are you then wrapped up in their life?

How has that helped you grow? When you are close to another you absorb their ideas. Their knowledge. Their mannerisms. But also: their bullshit, their issues, their problems. This is the gift of intimacy: you also share yours with them. In this way you become entwined. In this way we find intimacy. We take the bad with the good, we hold the bad and we remember that someone else holds ours for us, too.

There is magic to be had in the simple and direct communication of this intimacy. In the statements to your loved ones, in the emails you send. Every small thing you say, every walk you take to get to them brings you closer to entwinement. This months’ full moon reminds you of that magic: use your words.

Leo horoscope March 2022

Leo rising

Who do you call a “partner”? A unit of two that you return to. In crime, in love, in art, in work, in motivation? Has someone moved you through the hard times, helped you realize what you thought you forgot?

When you are tangled up with these people – in bedsheets, in emails, in finances, in conversation – they become a part of you and your life. They can offer new perspectives. They can also bring out tough spots that you don’t like to look at very much. But often: they give you hope.

Although interconnection is complicated, you can support it through the most mundane of activities. Through shared meals. Organized resources. A list of what you need. The full moon this month reminds you of the magic of your everyday as lived in your stuff, and that this stuff is that of life.

Virgo horoscope March 2022

Virgo rising

Who and what do you see every day? How do they ground you? How do they remind you of your own particular perspective, your unique takes? How do you find freedom in your daily ritual? Knowledge? Truth?

The blessed sacred beautiful mundanity of the every day is your territory. Virgo, you teach this to us. You sink your hands in the dish water and let it warm you and know that you have a body in this way. In this way you can also learn, can grow, can be pushed and can pull others along.

In this way you show your closest people wonder in the tiniest things. Your one-on-ones get to see the detail with which you see the world and are made better for it. This month’s full moon celebrates this for you, shows that part of your identity is in your beloved holding of the small stuff and your incredible capacity to make us love it.

Libra horoscope March 2022

Libra rising

What does joy mean in terror? How do we locate the necessary and life-giving sensation of happiness when it feels frivolous?

I see this repeated so much right now – that happiness is a frivolity, that frivolity is wrong. I don’t know if I should post this selfie, I don’t know if I should share my joy. But happiness, joy, creativity – we need these. These are what make life worth living. Their absence is what we fight against.  Don’t forget them: plant their seeds.

Bring them to your dreams. Let them show in your solitude. Sit in stillness, remember the depth of alone-ness we have learned throughout these past years, use the magic created in those moments as you wrap your arms around yourself and let the full moon creep in to remind you of who you are. That behind the curtains we see your interior. That this part of yourself is available to you and wants to be loved.

Scorpio horoscope March 2022

Scorpio rising

How do you know you are home? What does it feel like? How do you know someone is family? When do you choose them? When do you re-choose them?

Increasingly we live aware of the safe shell our homes provide and the strange enclave they can become. Our families are at once precious, and at other times preventing us from being near those we choose as family (when going to a party means a threat to grandma’s life). Who in your family has pulled you through – chosen or assigned? What in your home has been the greatest comfort? Source of motivation?

Remember your community, remember the large groups of people you can interact with. What if everyone on a subway car with you is your community? Every single person in any arbitrary group you occupy has the capacity to be your community. This month’s new moon reminds you of this. Tells you to think of the larger scope of friendship, of camaraderie, of solidarity: tells you that this is where we find magic.

Sagittarius horoscope March 2022

Sagittarius rising

What is there to say and where do you need to go in order to say it? Have you ever dragged your heels about sharing what you knew you needed to? What or who helped you out of it?

Do you know the feeling when, perhaps if you live alone or are home alone, you wake up in the morning, go about your day, and suddenly realize by perhaps the evening that you haven’t said anything to anyone? How strange to forget the sound of your voice. And then the most mundane things become powerful activations. Thanking a delivery person, or asking a simple question. The basic things you say are incantations.

Your words are behind everything you put out in the world. The things you say create entire universes that you leave behind, leave forwards. The full moon this month reminds you of the profound impact of sharing. It reminds you that your position, your perspective is needed, and is an act of coming together.

Capricorn horoscope March 2022

Capricorn rising

What is the line between your values and your valuables? How do they relate? Is the stuff of life just your stuff? You can sense the table, the chair, the plate, the mug, the floor, in this way these things are your entire world.

What do you have to say as a result of what you hold dear? If your valuables, your possessions, have come to be yours because you made a choice to hang onto them, what does that say about what you believe and want to say? Perhaps this is a leading question: perhaps I simply mean to say your possessions are things you decided were valuable; in this way they are based in your values; in this way you communicate your possessions. Hold them dear: feel them as life force, don’t cast them away, be sentimental if you want.

The full moon this month reminds you of the profound magic of a journey. An opportunity to grow. A reason to get out. Something learned is a changed mind, and a changed mind is a powerful thing. Engaging with the power of your mind’s growth is a magic that can help, that can feed, that can reassure.

Aquarius horoscope March 2022

Aquarius rising

What reminds you of who you are? What do you need to feel to feel the most in yourself? When you are fearful to be seen, who helps you see that visibility is joyous? Energizing? Comforting?

You, unique and strange and individual you. This months’ astrology has to do with you. With the way you think of you. How you conceive of you. How you find will, how you find beauty. You: at the centre of this is the life-giving force of your own individuality. With the magic on knowing you are one single person among a whole world of others, and this private yet communal experience is universal.

And as a reminder of its universality, entanglement comes around to announce that although we are distinct and separate we are deeply interwoven. Intimacy draws us near and makes our connections visible and tangible. This month’s full moon reminds you that these connections are magic: that we are blessed with intertwining.

Pisces horoscope March 2022

Pisces rising

Where do you think your dreams are? When you think of them, what part of the brain are they in? Who is in them? Do they help, when you reflect on them – do you remember your dreams as a source of comfort, of energy? Do they stimulate your life? Do they come to you in solitude?

Your ability to sit in the unknown is needed for us all. Your capacity for not-knowing: work to not let it become overwhelm. Work, Pisces, to let confusion be that, like a sea, permit it to pass over and through you, so that you can look up and know that confusion is temporary but that you can stay afloat. Circumstances can overwhelm: use the overwhelm as a creative source.

This months’ new moon asks you to seek your magic in the everyday acts of partnership. In each way that you hold your lover’s hand, call your best friend, email your work partners. Any person you are in one-on-one contact with: these people are your connection to the reality of our world. Let them ground you in presence when that overwhelm becomes

OMG Stars is our astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Each month, at the beginning of the new astrological season, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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