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OMG Stars by Amelia Ehrhardt

Scorpio Season Horoscopes

October 24th – November 22nd 2021

What a delight to come back to writing these horoscopes after a long break and to dive right back into spooky season, to spooky Scorpio season. Scorpio is one of those elements of astrology that is so visible that non-astrology people will casually refer to folks as being “such a Scorpio.” The mythology of Scorpio is high visibility by the weather of its season in the Northern hemisphere, when things begin to die, but also by other phenomena in the natural world outside of this perspective.  Sea turtles lay their eggs for the babies to hatch and run to the ocean, many being eaten in the process, during Scorpio season: the symbology of birth and death and emerging and being eaten is all very in line with Scorpio.

This Scorpio season, we’re seeing major action in three of the four fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, with the final fixed sign Leo being hit only indirectly), but with a season opener in the mutable signs. From the 27th until the 30th, Venus in Sagittarius formed a square with Neptune in Pisces, possibly frustrating us and making us feel like the things we want (things which have felt like ours to take since Venus moved into Sagittarius on the 9th) are suddenly evading us. Venus ended her transit through Sagittarius with a brief kiss to the moon before entering Capricorn on November 6th, so she’ll be briefly cheerful before Capricorn asks her to get serious.

However the seriousness of Capricorn is a good place for her to be while so much goes down in Scorpio. Scorpio and Capricorn are signs that form sextile to each other — a relationship of amicability, of opportunity, and the Scorpio planets could use that bit of friendship right now.

Scorpio Season HoroscopesIn mid-November, Mercury and Mars join the Sun in Scorpio. Mars is in its ancient ruling sign in Scorpio, and the whip of the scorpion’s sting is an apt metaphor for the energy of this combination. Mercury in Scorpio minces no words and means business, while the Sun’s transit describes our annual traditions and rituals associated with the sign. November begins with a square between the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, a thematic we see echoed throughout the month: from November 9th until the 12th, Mars also forms this same square to Saturn, and on the 10th and 11th Mercury joins the same pattern. On the 13th Mercury moves immediately to an opposition with Uranus, which it leaves on the 15th to be picked up immediately by Mars who closes off Scorpio season in opposition to Uranus. On the 19th we have a new moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus, along the same polarity as Mars and Uranus, underscoring the emphasis of these signs.

Fixed signs sustain, maintain, contain. The fixed signs also withhold and refuse to budge. The parts of your chart activated by the astrology this month speak to parts of yourself where you come to know yourself deeply and without compromise. Where your self-awareness is at its most firm, but also its most immovable.

This month’s horoscopes, in a new format, speak to this certainty and immovability, and to the struggles and gains you may experience in their wake.

Happy spooky season! Find your horoscopes after the jump.

Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know about yourself. Specific calculations are made for the rising signs, but if you don’t know your rising sign you can read for your sun. You can also horoscopes read for your moon sign for extra emotional information. You can access your birth chart at astro.com or many other apps and websites using your birth date, time, and location. If you’re interested in getting a reading, you can book one with Amelia here

Aries horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Aries rising

Scorpio season always speaks to an illumination of your entanglements. This is a time of year for wading in the depths of your intimacies with other people: with Mars and Mercury joining the game in your 8th house this month, I suspect a lot of your energy and a lot of your thoughts are going to be busy with these entanglements. Any way that our lives are wound up in another’s is going to have to do with the 8th house, but since Mars is in the mix and since it’s Scorpio the likelihood that this will have to do with sex is quite strong.

When Mars and Mercury each form their square to Saturn from the 9th to the 12th of the month, these entanglements could come up against (or be a part of) ties in your community, social circle or workplace…The saying goes “don’t shit where you eat” but probably that metaphor will ring true for you somehow this month. When Mars and Mercury move to oppose Uranus in your 2nd house from the 13th to the 20th, expect some kind of build-up around any unexpected things that have been going on related to your finances or your possessions for the past couple of years.

This could also, however, be a good time to find new ways to expend your energy, innovative takes on your body, or…you know, a good time for kinky sex.

Taurus horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Taurus rising

Whatever degree your Taurus placements are at, Uranus has been making moves through an important part of your chart since 2018. With this month’s astrology, this movement is highlighted as this planet is opposed by the Scorpio placements, and with the eclipse in your sign on the 19th underscores the deep transformations that have happened in this area of your life since 2018.

A remarkable thing about personal change and growth is the sense of coming into yourself: the exterior chipping away to reveal the self we knew was there. This eclipse is a hint of how much more change there is to come. To accept in yourself and present to the world, to see reflected back from your closest people, and in the way you are viewed at large.

These three parts of your life – your identity, your reputation, and your partnerships – are particularly highlighted this month. To avoid spinning out, the comfort of your home as a place of self-expression and self-care is an important protection this month.

Gemini horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Gemini rising

Scorpio season started out with a bit of irritation to mutable sign folks such as yourself, and you may have felt torn between your work and your lover, your practice and your best friend, or any combination of similar entities. Thankfully this transit was brief and now over, but that doesn’t mean the effect of those feelings aren’t still lurking for you.

The remaining big astrology of the month has primarily to do with your dreams and your day to day life, and the way that your growth pushes you towards your dreams but grounds you in routine.  The eclipse at the end of the month is happening in this same axis, between your 6th house of the day to day and your 12th house of dreams, and offers a glimpse of what will come in 2022.

Pay close attention to the messages of your subconscious, and incorporate them into your daily life.

Cancer horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Cancer rising

Lucky for you, Cancer rising, the major action of November is taking place in a part of your chart that has to do with pleasure. Your 5th house of joy, creativity, dating, and fun is getting the intensity you crave with all the Scorpio planetary visitors crawling through. The new moon on the 4th of November kicks off the season bringing new promise and hope to this part of your chart, and in opposition to Uranus in your 11th house of community asks you to look to the wider world for how to bring these promises to the fore.

It’s been a long couple years locked up, and as a sensitive Cancer rising you’re probably feeling a bit anxious about moving back into the world. But the astrology of this month asks you to just take pleasure in it, to take pleasure in groups of people, in gatherings, in simply being in community in a way we have not been able to for quite some time.

Let yourself enjoy it.

Leo horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Leo rising

The astrology of this month is tough on the fixed sign folks, as has been much of the year, and Leo is in an interesting position as the only fixed sign not getting hit.

This month I want you to ask yourself how you can be a helper. Your closest one-on-one partnerships have been having a tough go this year with Saturn and Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships, and your home and work life will be a focus of the month as the Scorpio planets move through your 4th house, opposing Uranus in your 10th house.

When the people in your life in these areas are struggling, how can you be a support? How can you show and share the joy that comes naturally to you when others feel grim? This is my challenge for you this month, Leo.

Virgo horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Virgo rising

The saying goes that if you can’t say anything nice you shouldn’t say anything at all, a tough go for Virgo rising folks who are always there with a “well, actually” – but this month I say fuck that saying.

The Scorpio planets in your 3rd house of communication are piling up and telling me that you have something to say. This part of your chart is being blessed with a new moon on the 4th and with visits from Mars and Mercury, so you have the energy and the opportunity to say the thing that’s on your mind.

With Uranus transiting your 9th house of expansion, the thing that’s on your mind could be in opposition to a figure that you normally look up to: it’s hard to be critical of people we admire and learn from, but it’s an important step to be able to admit that you disagree.

Libra horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Libra rising

It’s an interesting time for your 2nd house with all the Scorpio planets piling through there, and it compels me to speak to you, Libra rising, about this house in some detail. The 2nd house has to do with our resources: it is our food, our money, our possessions, the things in our house and the house itself: it has to do with the things that we need in order to feel safe. This house also has to do with our energy, our will: the 2nd house is related to early childhood, and the developmental time when the toddler says everything is “mine”.

Part of the challenge with this time of life is that little kiddos don’t actually understand that other people truly exist. They’re the main characters and all other people are a supporting cast that mostly only exist when they come into the toddler’s life, and understanding that other people all have lives and experiences and emotions is one of the hardest developmental stages we go through.

This month, the astrology is compelling you to think about this fact: the relationship between your possessions and your entanglement to others is highlighted. It’s ok to be protective, Libra rising, and to want to hold on to what is yours.

Scorpio horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Scorpio rising

You Scorpio risings are getting an extra spicy Scorpio season this year, with a new moon and transiting Mars and Mercury all moving through your rising sign. They are also subsequently moving through your first house, having to do with identity, and highlighting both the way you see the world and the way the world sees you.

Uranus’ transit through your 7th house of partnership has possibly brought you some instability but new ways of thinking about relating, and the new moon on the 4th is a particularly strong opportunity to set new intentions for your relationships. Are your relationships affirming the person you want to be? Are you seeing a version of yourself that makes you happy and fulfilled?

Put your energy this month into yourself, and be proud of the investment.

Sagittarius horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Sagittarius rising

This is a big month for your ~inner world~, Sag rising: the buildup of transiting Scorpio planets is happening in your 12th house of dreams and the subconscious, and the new moon in this area on the 4th is an indication that you can use this part of your life to start anew where you need to. Paying attention to the subconscious is tricky: it doesn’t usually speak loudly, dreams are confusing, and it’s easy to ignore under the bluster of the everyday.

With Uranus transiting your 6th house of day to day life, this bluster has probably been particularly wild for the past couple of years. My forecast and hope for you for this Scorpio season is to think not about the events but of the undertow.

Scorpio always works in complex and mysterious ways, and for you Scorpio speaks to a particularly deep part of the self: let yourself feel the complexity and sit quietly for what emerges.

Capricorn horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Capricorn rising

You with Capricorn rising have Scorpio on your 11th house, which is the part of the natal chart having to do with community, friendship, social groups. With Scorpio here you naturally have an element of intensity as a friend, and can be deeply loyal to your social groups. The buildup of planets in this part of your chart highlights this quality of yours, and gives the possibility of a lot of social action for you this month.

It’s been a long couple of years, Capricorn, for all of us and particularly for you. Let yourself experience some joy. Uranus in your 5th house brings you new opportunities for fun, and the new moon on the 4th in opposition to Uranus is a great time to set the intention for the kind of fun you want to have moving forwards.

I love getting to write this horoscope for you, Capricorn: a sign so misunderstood as being all business and grumpy, but here you are with the sexy fun of Scorpio season. Go all out.

Aquarius horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Aquarius rising

The astrology of this month, as it has been for much of this year, I am sorry it say is hard on you fixed sign folks. The cluster in Scorpio will square your Aquarius placement, as well as to Jupiter and Saturn currently in Aquarius also. Squares are tension, conflict, but they can also be opportunity to change – and finally, they can also be sexy.

Alas, this is not the kind of square that I see as necessarily being particularly sexy for you. The buildup of Scorpio planets is happening in your 10th house of career, which in fact can be great news for your work as you get the energy you need to start a new project, particularly something related to communication. This work doesn’t come without some stress, so be cautious of over committing to things that don’t feel true to you.

Use the new moon on the 4th to promise yourself that the new projects you take on are things you are excited about, and that will feed your sense of self.

Pisces horoscope Scorpio Season 2021

Pisces rising

The stressful aspect between Venus and Neptune at the very beginning of Scorpio season was particularly rough for Pisceans, so I hope you are catching a break the rest of this month with the relative calm in your sign. The buildup of Scorpio planets are taking place in the part of your chart about expansion: the 9th house rules higher learning, religion, and travel, so this is wonderful astrology to finally, finally, finally start planning a trip.

Dream about the kind of growth you want to see, and use the initiating energy of the new moon to lay the seeds for it. The Scorpio planets will form a square to Jupiter and Saturn in your 12th house of dreams, meaning any growth opportunities you take up this month could be met with some resistance.

Remember that Saturn doesn’t cause problems, just diagnoses those which are already there, so pay attention to the speedbumps you hit now so that they don’t become roadblocks later.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Each month, at the beginning of the new astrological season, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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