!! OMG, gossip: Lindsay Lohan’s booze-less birthday party !!

Hopefully as a sign of her changing behavior, Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 26th birthday without breaking open the booze [allie]
How many of these “terrible sex tips for men” having sex with women also apply to men who get down with dudes? [jezebel]
It must have been a long climb for John Mayer to get from Taylor Swift to Katniss Everdeen [evil beet]
Note to self: Don’t hop a gay cruise to Casablanca [towleroad]
The Beyonce-Kim Kardashian lovefest continues [dlisted]
Tired of bopping along to the same old Ethan Hawk? Here’s the remix [kenneth]
These boots were made for walking… and that’s just what they’ll Choo [oh la la]
Somehow a movie about a talking teddy bear became the biggest film of the weekend [popbytes]
…And speaking of movies, can you guess the top seven Pixar movies? [celebrity cafe]
OMG, watch the BET Awards’ tribute to Whitney Houston [socialite life]
Rupert Murdoch juuuuust caught on to the fact that Scientologists might be evil [amy grindhouse]
How would you rank AfterElton’s hottest 100 celebrities of the year? [after elton]
OMG, 20 disguised flasks, including one that looks like an iPod! Genius. [double viking]
Nursing a broken heart? Take it from NERVO, “You’re Gonna Love Again” [arjan]
Um, why is NBC being so mean to poor little lost lamb Ann Curry? [celebitchy]
That’s it! No one is allowed to eat Chick-Fil-A ever again, no matter how delicious those waffle fries may be [joe]
OMG, Charlie Sheen‘s best (and only?) friend died [tabloid prodigy]
Because you’ve obviously been considering bangs for a while now… [berry]

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