!! OMG, his butt: Idris Elba, in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ !!

While we all want IT ALL from Idris Elba, we have to make do with what he gives us: an awful lot of ASS
(even if it’s hidden in the shadows a bit)!

First it came to us in 2010 in the Showtime series The Big C, then again in 2016’s 100 Streets. Most recently, we catch a glimpse in Luther: The Fallen Sun, a Netflix follow-up to Elba’s cult hit BBC series Luther.

Check out the chronological history of his butt after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down the GIFs. Check out the full scenes here.

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7 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Idris Elba, in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’"

  1. If this the guy I get over Grindr, I’d break my vow of being a top (for the past 18 years). That chick is lucky to atleast see his dick !


  3. This man can always get it

  4. A man one could cuddle with for hours.

  5. Is that really him? It could be a body double/bootie double.

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