!! OMG, Art: the paintings of RF. Alvarez !!

We recently came across the paintings of Texas-based artist RF. Alvarez, including Honky Tonk, above, and are swooning over their soft, queer subtleties.

In his own words in New American Painting:

My work deals with impermanence, indulgence, and belonging: three interconnected pillars of the queer experience. I am a gay man whose father immigrated from Mexico and whose mother comes from a family of cowboys. My work responds to the fallacy of masculinity central to both. I center images of a world where things are beautiful, temporary, unfurled and tender. I show men in love. I show groups of queer friends drinking and talking. I show flowers in full bloom, at the edge of wilting, fighting for their own beauty. And I show windswept landscapes of the place I am from: a place of deep thunderstorms and dried grass and conflict. I hope, by presenting these images in often monotone, shadowy composition, to present a vision of queer resilience.

See more images of his work after the jump!

The Kiss, 2023

The Skinny Dipper, 2023


The Boys and their Little Martinis, 2022


Tender is the Heart, 2021


Homesteaders, 2021


A Softness, 2021


(via the artist)

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