!! I’ll have the Mercury Roll, please. !!

My loyal readers will remember that mercury content in seafood is something that worries me constantly. Recently a group of sea turtle activists infiltrated several top sushi restaurants in L.A., had the fish tested for mercury content, which ended up being much higher than the FDA-approved levels, and published the results on their website.
Are sushi chefs trying to kill us? Or did these activists fix the numbers to help save their beloved turtles, who are often caught in the same nets as those very large, sushi-quality fish they are telling us are poisoned? Japundit presents a thoughtful breakdown of the argument on both sides.
Whether or not this study will affect your sushi consumption, don’t forget to print out your mercury content wallet card [.PDF] from mercuryaction.org and carry it with you when you shop or dine out. Mercury poisoning in adults causes forgetfulness, so if you forget your wallet card, that could be a sign that you need to remember it.

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