!! ‘It’s not funny, Janice!’ !!

I know I shouldn’t laugh at this video, since I actually had a similar experience on Space Mountain when I was a kid, but I think it’s Janice’s cruel laughter that really makes this video a classic. (via PJ)

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4 Comments on "‘It’s not funny, Janice!’"

  1. “ain’t” ain’t the contraction for “i am not”; its “am not”, “is not” or “are not”, depending on the subject.

  2. Almost as funny as the Grape Lady.

  3. I believe the quote is “Janice, it ain’t [contraction for ‘I am not’] funny.” So take it how you will.
    Honestly, I have to agree. She wasn’t being funny at all. If she where dressed in clown makeup, however…

  4. Hey hottie thanks for linking me. Happy Turkey day!

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