!! OMG, new music: ‘FIST’ by Izzy Spears !!

Izzy Spears FISTQueer, Los Angeles-based vocalist/songwriter Izzy Spears is so hot it’s scary. Or maybe it’s the energy in Izzy’s new single “FIST” that scares us a little, but in like a horny way? We’ll unpack that later! The track features on his forthcoming EP out November 11th via KRO Records, an LA-based label founded by the album’s producer Yves Rothman and singer/songwriter Lawrence Rothman in 2019.

Spears recently sprung into our consciousness via the mercurial, NYC-based creative collective Anonymous Club—founded by Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver as a sort of remix of the labels values, while nurturing new talent.

Izzy Spears FIST video

Photo by Calixte-Lenka Ganon

“FIST” is fierce and fleeting, Izzy’s performance and delivery like a machine-gun in human form. Coming in at just under two seconds, the video features the self-proclaimed “Alt-Faget” storming around in his undies and doing some very bad-girl things in a Parisian hotel. The song’s chorus fittingly references REDRUM, the iconic slogan from The Shining, a movie featuring another very doomed hotel.

I don’t know about you but you but if Izzy’s there I am checking IN! Watch the video after the jump.

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