!! OMG, he’s naked: Jacques Bonnaffé in ‘Prénom Carmen’ !!

Jacques Bonnaffé in Prénom Carmen

Jacques Bonnaffé in Prénom Carmen

French actor Jacques Bonnaffé was constantly out of his clothes in the 1983 Godard film Prénom Carmen. Based loosely on Bizet’s opera, the film is full of chaos, capers, and full frontals as it happened.

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8 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jacques Bonnaffé in ‘Prénom Carmen’"

  1. Ha! Ha! And we lived in a state with only one daily newspaper so even though there wasn’t a Wards anywhere near us, we got to see those adverts! He looks like your bog issue soap opera model from the late 1980s. But I would have been more into someone like this:


  2. How many times do I have to click, to enlarge it enough for me to see something? It just looks like a hairy armpit between his legs.

  3. I’m thinking there might be a minute or two where he’s actually clothed in this movie.

  4. Very awkwardly shot scenes..

  5. When I was younger and there wasn’t a lot to see, sure – I could find the average guy, because he had no clothes on, sexy enough. Hell, I’m sure there were people who jerked off to the daddy types in the Sear’s catalog in their boxer shorts or even the old JC Penny’s YFront White Brief underwear adverts in the dailies, but please, this isn’t really candy, not to the vast majority who want a stick figure twink or the ones who want some muscle mary type.

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