!! OMG, have you heard? Jake Gyllenhaal speaks on breaking stigma of playing ‘gay roles’ !!

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4 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Jake Gyllenhaal speaks on breaking stigma of playing ‘gay roles’"

  1. I’m still trying to believe the depiction of the first time they had anal sex. No lube, no anal foreplay before entry. Did they think that an anus self-lubricates and is built for automatic insertion with a penis? A “man-gina”?

  2. Hello-

    isn’t saying only gay actors should play gay roles the same a saying only
    Italian actors should play Italian characters?

  3. I’m so fatigued from this same conversation over and over again. It is completely dominated by concern for straight men getting denied roles. They aren’t. They get cast in gay roles often over gay actors, and they always get awards thrown at them for deigning to play gay. A gay guy plays a straight role (who’s not comic relief) once every decade and there’s huge backlash over how it wasn’t believable, etc, etc. Gay actors being relegated to gay roles and having what few parts exist taken by straight actors for whom the world is their oyster is the obvious, urgent concern, but we rarely see the conversation reflect that.

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