!! OMG, James McAvoy’s Cyrano photo diary for Vulture is SPICY !!

Happy Hump Day! Actor James McAvoy struck a pose for this pipin’ hawt Cyrano photo diary for Vulture which was just released this week.

James McAvoy is promoting the hell out of his starring role in Jamie Lloyd’s Olivier-winning production of Cyrano, which is currently playing at the Harvey Theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music after transferring from London. He appears on the cover of this week’s NY Mag, which contains a photo diary of a day in the life of the production, and has done some TV spots as well.

Find more from the full shoot after the jump – Hot tamale!


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7 Comments on "OMG, James McAvoy’s Cyrano photo diary for Vulture is SPICY"

  1. James is mega hot.. and THEN he starts speaking with that scottish brogue.. *swoon*

  2. mr. tumnus for me. sooo sexy, especially when he talks. watch him on graham norton.

  3. He’s got the grindr face down..

  4. Spicy? NO

  5. I have been in love with this guy since his Shameless days….

  6. I’m seeing Cyrano this weekend. Can’t wait. He is smoking hot.

  7. This man is so ridiculously hot to me! He’s nonchalant about it, even sexier.
    Yep, I’d suck him off:)

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