!! OMG, quote of the day: Jerry Seinfeld ‘misses dom and masc’ guys !!

“I miss a dominant masculinity. Yeah, I get the toxic thing, but I still like a real man.”

Jerry Seinfeld, speaking to THR and sounding like a gay guy trying to find love on Grindr.

Seinfeld says he misses the ‘agreed upon hierarchy’ of American culture in the 1960s He claims that without a sense hierarchy people are uncomfortable ‘lean on the horn and drive the way they do’, seemingly blaming the lack of hierarchy for the current social climate.

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2 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Jerry Seinfeld ‘misses dom and masc’ guys"

  1. For F##K’s Sake!
    He’s a comedian.
    How can you not realize reading too much into this just makes you look bad?

    • Nobody is “reading too much,” this guy made it clear with his comments that he misses times when gender roles were binary. A woman cooks, a man lifts.

      I can’t speak for everyone but this hurts. I’m an effeminate male. I’m the small weak kid that the jocks picked on. Not everyone has the luxury of just “being manly.”

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