!! OMG, his butt: Nicholas Galitzine is He-Man in “Masters of The Universe” !!

Who will very likely get all ‘roided and don a popcorn blond Anna Wintour-style wig while wearing a tiny loincloth and knee-high boots to play He-Man you ask!?

Well, it has been announced that none other than actor Nicholas Galitzine is it!

The “Cinderella” and “Red, White, and Royal Blue” star will play He Man for Amazon Prime Video, directed by Travis Knight (90s rap star Chilly T, director of several LAIKA animated movies) about the popular Mattel property.

Check out Nicholas’ hottest (and queerest) moments after the NSFW jump!


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1 Comment on "OMG, his butt: Nicholas Galitzine is He-Man in “Masters of The Universe”"

  1. Wow… actor aside… they are remaking “He-Man”? That movie was the first, absolute BOMB I paid money to see back in the day! Wow… cannot wrap my head around how this garbage got green-lit.

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