!! Jessica Simpson rejects advances of President Bush !!

Jessica Simpson waving
“Sorry President Bush, please talk to the hand. I’m smiling because that is like the whole point of my charity, but it doesn’t mean I like you, or that I even know what I like… I know I like to smile!”
Jessica Simpson’s favorite charity is called Operation Smile, and its mission is to make the lips of small orphans as large and balloon-like as her own. And the best part is, they don’t even have to pay for it!
During her trip to Washington D.C. today promoting this great new charity, Jessica was invited to attend a Republican fundraiser and even sit at the head table with House Majority leader John Boehner. Upon hearing his last name, Jessica’s ears perked up, but then she sadly realized she did not want to be affiliated with the sinking ship of Bush Republicans, and would have to find a Boehner somewhere else.

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