!! OMG, Josh Duhamel posts shirtless thirst trap for Hulu after Netflix cancels Jupiter’s Legacy !!

Jupiter’s Legacy was the No. 1 streaming series the week of its release – but that didn’t stop Netflix from canning it STAT! The show’s star Josh Duhamel took to Instagram after receiving news of its cancellation to show some nips in hopes of getting picked up elsewhere. His Insta caption reading:

“When you get dumped by @netflix and have to put yourself back out there…. #sexysantasummer

What’s up, @hulu ?”

Check out a very ripped Josh after the jump! (We want to give him a full series order just based on those abs!)


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8 Comments on "OMG, Josh Duhamel posts shirtless thirst trap for Hulu after Netflix cancels Jupiter’s Legacy"

  1. Lighting that flatters the abs is not always good for the face….or, time for a wee bit
    of filler ? Never heard of the show but would dick down Josh anytime, anywhere…….

  2. I watched the entire season – took too long to get anywhere. I knew it wouldn’t be renewed because it was just not that entertaining.

  3. Gawd I hate Netflix. Another great show canceled. This is why I will no longer watch scripted programs until they have at least 2 seasons done.

    Yeah, he’s crazy sexy too.

  4. I was appalled by what a self-righteous jerk his character was. Watched 3 episodes and got more disgusted with each episode. Good for Netflix!

    • Richard Vestal | June 11, 2021 at 8:07 pm | Reply

      Damn Netflix… the show was good and getting better. Pissed there wasn’t more episodes, and too boot they again (remember Sense 8) just when it was getting better. Josh’s character displayed I think what a lot of people thought about America via propaganda, refusing to change… sounds like a few politicians on Capitol Hill yes, and their refusal to rid us of the filibuster. Anything to impede progress and what’s good for the masses.

  5. The show was absolutely terrible. I barely got through the first two episodes

  6. WOW, a hot shirtless celebrity in Hollywood ,whodathunkit.

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