!! Justice Will Be Served… Caliente? !!

I almost spit out my falafel when I walked past this ad on the side of a NYC telephone booth:
Will Judge Maria Lopez also be serving a side of chimichangas with her “spicy” justice?
According to her website, Judge Lopez has a unique “hard knocks” perspective and a “tell it like it is” candor. This should guarantee that her audience gets exactly what they are expecting. She will also wear glasses in the sassiest manner possible:
I can say with almost certainty that I will never watch this show, but comments would be welcome from any loyal viewers.

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1 Comment on "Justice Will Be Served… Caliente?"

  1. She’s crazy, and a bad judge. She doesn’t follow the law necessarily as much as she just goes on a rant and whomever she’s ranting about when time is up loses. It’s bizarre.

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