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!! OMG, Paris weighs-in on Brit Brit: ‘It’s not fair she has no control of her life’ !!

“I saw her this summer. We’ve had dinners, I saw her in Malibu. I feel like if you are an adult, you should be able to live your life and not be controlled. I think that maybe stems from me being controlled so much so I can understand how that would feel and I can’t imagine right now if that was still happening to me.

“After just working your whole life and working so hard, she’s this icon and I just feel like she has no control of her life whatsoever and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Paris, while speaking to Andy Cohen on his program ‘Andy Cohen Live’,

!! OMG, WATCH: Tucker Carlson defends Trump-supporting 17-year-old ‘Blue Lives Matter’ vigilante charged for murdering Kenosha protesters !!

If you support this type of rhetoric, then what type of human being are you?

!! OMG, WATCH: The rise and fall of Chuck E. Cheese !!

With a combination of arcade games, pizza, and animatronics, Chuck E. Cheese became the go-to spot for kids’ birthday parties in the ’90s. But a $1 billion debt load and shuttered dine-in service due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced Chuck E. Cheese to file for bankruptcy in June. So what happened? Check out the full story above!

!! OMG, quote of the day: CeeLo Green’s uptight dry ass thinks WAP is ‘unfortunate and disappointing’ !!

“A lot of music today is very unfortunate and disappointing on a personal and moral level,” Green told Far Out. “There was once a time when we were savvy enough to code certain things. We could express to those it was meant for with the style of language we used. But now music is shameless, it is sheer savagery.”

He added: “We are adults. There should be a time and a place for adult content. As adults and artists, we should at least attempt to be each other’s accountability partners in some regard. The stereotypes that are celebrated and perpetuated, ultimately make the perception a reality. It is disenfranchising and it has caused a great deal of problems.”

CeeLo Green on Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion‘s new song WAP.

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