!! Fail !!

!! OMG, go off, cis! Don JR’s latest crazy video rant screams: “Cut me another line, stat!” !!

Donald Trump Jr. shared this WILD self-recorded rant about Monday’s leak of the United States Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion ending abortion rights – and it may be his most unhinged rant YET!

Unconcerned with the reality that millions of Americans may soon lose their rights, Trump instead frothed at the mouth over the leak itself, demanding a “criminal investigation” despite no evidence of a crime having occurred.

The crazy train really picked up momentum when Trump argued that the FBI should lead a probe because it once investigated a suspected noose hanging from NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage door, which ended up being a non-story. And either way, that logic is a bit hard to follow.

Check out the video after the jump. You kind of have to see it to believe it. GURL, that HAND!!


!! OMG, WATCH: Russia’s new reality show is homophobic, gay and completely un-self-aware !!

I’m Not Gay pits eight Russian men against each other, all attempting to prove how stereotypically “straight” they are. Each episode sees another contestant eliminated via a vote by the cast following contests such as a swimwear pageant and getting lap dances from female strippers. Hidden in the cast is an actual gay man (and we feel really bad for him); the show concludes once he is rooted out.

Russian politician Vitaly Milonov hosts the series. Readers might recognize him as the mind behind the nation’s harsh “anti-gay propaganda” laws which demonize LGBTQ people, and encourages violent treatment of them. The laws have encouraged queer people to flee Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe in recent years. Reports amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine also detail increased violence toward queer citizens

Wow – this seems twisted as fuck – and completely un-self-aware. It looks GAY as SHIT! It will air on Youtube (because they let that kind of shit air!). Check out the first episode if you feel like cringing after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: Newsmax host who LOVES trains delivers the most ridiculous antigay rant of all-time !!

This fearmongering, asshole anchor on Newsmax tried to talk hypothetical and bring his love of TOY TRAINS (I can’t) into it when discussing LGBTQ+ representation and visibility in film.

“I don’t get this be your whole self routine at work or even in art, even in products that you are creating for other people to consume,” Kelly said on his Wednesday program. “For instance, take me, I love model trains. Did you know that? I actually do.”

“I love trains. I love them,” he continued. “I don’t talk about a lot on TV because it’s a pretty niche hobby and not a lot of people are into it. Alright, especially at my age. That’s my thing. I’ll do it on my time and I’m not going to bother you about it fair? You get it? I think that’s a pretty good analogy.”

Check out him preaching to the choir (literally) above!

!! OMG, WATCH: Gaga give Caitlyn the cold-shoulder at the Oscars ‘I’ve switched baristas’ !!

Lady Gaga attended Elton John‘s Academy Awards viewing party, and ran into Caitlyn Jenner outside, on her way in. Howvever, Gaga was anything but the embodiment of a warm, venti chai latte to her when Cait tried to chat her up about seeing her at Starbucks

Check out their interaction after the jump.


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