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!! OMG, gossip: Gus Kenworthy and Matt Wilkas split !!

Gus Kenworthy and Matt Wilkas seperate [socialite life]

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!! OMG, U.S. border patrol agents humiliated migrant by making him hold sign that read ‘I Like Men’ !!

Ahhh the US Border Patrol! They’re at it again! CNN reports of some of the disgusting mishandling that has been occurring in Texas, where agents humiliated a Honduran migrant by making him hold a sign that read “Me gustan los hombres” (I like men) according to emails from another border agent obtained by CNN.

‘According to the emails, the agent, on-duty at the El Paso Processing Center, saw another agent give a handwritten note to a Honduran migrant and instructed him to walk in front of a group of other migrants who had also been apprehended. An image, also obtained by CNN, shows a note with the words that read, “Me gustan los hombre(s).”The witnessing agent saw the note, approached an agent responsible for writing it and another agent who was laughing. The witnessing agent told them their behavior was unprofessional, the emails say. Neither agent responded.’ Seven additional agents witnessed the incident according to the emails, and when it was reported to the senior agent, he did nothing. The Honduran man was reportedly upset by being put on display with the note.

Thoughts on this, OMG?

[via towleroad]

!! OMG, OKURRRR! Cardi B shares photo of her swollen ankles after complications from plastic surgeries !!

Our nation’s finest rose, Cardi B, went in to get some nip/tuck recently and lipo – and the singer thought she would be back out on the road after one month no problem – but her body is telling her different. The rapper shared an alarming photo of her kankles this week which showed her fans why she had to cancel shows due to being unable to fly. Check out the photo after the jump!


!! OMG, quote of the day: Gender fluid Ruby Rose opens up about the backlash she’s received for identifying as lesbian !!

“I came to the States to get into acting, and I couldn’t even get a manager or agent, so I made a short film based on my life because I had the time to do it. I put it online, just to say, ‘This is something I wanted to do,’ and it went viral, which I didn’t ever expect. And then I got an opportunity to audition for Orange Is the New Black because they wanted to have a gender-neutral character. But I’ve also gotten backlash. And that’s when you realize you have to keep up with the terminology. When I got cast as a lesbian in Batwoman, I didn’t know that being a gender-fluid woman meant that I couldn’t be a lesbian because I’m not a woman — not considered lesbian enough.
My initial response was ‘Pfft!’ And then I was like, ‘Wait. Let me just figure this one out. How do I right this wrong, because if someone out there is upset by this, I need to know why and how to fix it.’ That’s when I sort of said, ‘I’m a woman that identifies as a woman. I’m not trans. But if being gender-fluid means that I can’t identify as a woman at any point, then I guess I can’t be that.’ Maybe I need to make up another term, one that doesn’t step on any toes. One where I can be fluid in my gender, but also a lesbian, because otherwise I’m not sure what I am.”

Batwoman and Orange Is The New Black star, Ruby Rose.

!! OMG, Smash Mouth reacts to news that Boston will hold a ‘Straight Pride’ !!

A half week into Pride month and a group of people in Boston have applied with the city for a permit to have a “Straight Pride Parade” tentatively planned on August 31st. The city has yet to approved the permit. 2000s group SMASH MOUTH have reacted to the news with a pointed tweet above! Check out some of the other reactions after the jump!


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