!! Fail !!

!! OMG, Barbie has haters too !!

Surely we’re all excited about Greta Gerwig‘s new Barbie movie coming out this summer, but Barbie hasn’t always been celebrated…

Some people hated Barbie! So much that they formed an entire organization about it!

The Barbie Liberation Organization (BLO) operated in the early 1990s with the mission of drawing attention to the gendered messages conveyed by toys and children’s media!!!

The BLO was most well-known for its “operation,” which involved swapping the voice boxes of Barbie and G.I. Joe dolls. The group purchased hundreds of dolls, switched their voice boxes, and returned them to stores. This meant that when children pressed the button on their Barbie dolls, they heard G.I. Joe’s voice saying things like “vengeance is mine” and “dead men tell no tales.” Conversely, when children pressed the button on their G.I. Joe dolls, they heard Barbie’s voice saying things like “let’s plan our dream wedding” and “math class is tough.”

The BLO argued that this subverted the gendered expectations that are often placed on children from a young age. By swapping the voice boxes, they were forcing children to confront the absurdity of these expectations and consider the ways in which toys and media can perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Do you think this is good activism??? Watch the video after the jump, and let us know!


!! OMG, have you heard: Michael B. Jordan for Calvin Klein !!

Michael B. Jordan for Calvin Klein. [Boy Culture]

A remote kissing device for your long-distance affairs. [Instinct]

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!! OMG have you heard? Say a little prayer: Burt Bacharach leaves us at 94 !!

Burt Bacharach walks on by. [Boy Culture]

If only George Santos would as well. [Towleroad]

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OMG, can you actually get sick from cold weather? [Hum]



!! OMG, kiss, but don’t tell: Atlantis and Royal Caribbean’s new gay targeted social media policy !!

In what is sure to interrupt the gay-cruise-to-OnlyFans content pipeline, Atlantis Events, in conjunction with Royal Caribbean, has announced a strict ban on posting sexually explicit content from its ships on social media.

Personally, Cookie would rather not know what goes on below deck, but the prohibition and its punishment feels a bit draconian, plus it targets only LGBTQ+ cruises.

Just short of walking you off the plank, offenders will be “asked to leave the ship with no refund.”

More about the new policy here.

!! OMG, have you heard? More Magic Mike?! !!

More Magic Mike! Really?! [Boy Culture]

An exhibition devoted to queer love in the Arab world. [Towleroad]

Cameron Diaz back in action! [Lainey Gossip]

It’s a NO for Kourtney K‘s vaginal health gummies. [Dlisted]

Luke Evans back as a Fast & Furious bad guy. [Instinct]

Madonna “once again caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny.” [Celebitchy]

Bird with a… bowl cut?! [Sad and Useless]

Lea Michele‘s eyes are now open. [Socialite Life]




!! OMG, are str8 people ok? Milf Manor !!

Milf Manor

And just like that… we suddenly have a new contender for bottom of the barrel of the toxic wasteland that is reality TV.

Milf Manor is a dating show you certainly didn’t ask for. But, once you catch a glimpse, you just might not be able to look away, despite its ultimately sexist and conservative premise dressed up as taboo-breaking.

Nancy Jo Sales does a great job of explaining just what is so wrong about the show in a Guardian opinion piece.

But perhaps you just want to meet the men of the manor, who—spoiler alert and Oedipal twist—are the actual, 100% real-life sons of the hot moms looking for love.


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