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!! OMG, Lindsay Lohan got tricked into doing a weird farting ad for TikTok !!

May the eye wink upon you! Uhhhh, which eye was that again, Linds?

An app called Famera purchased a Lindsay Lohan Cameo and had her recite bizarre phrases and added flatulence sounds. The video then became a sponsored ad on Tik Tok where it did nothing but create mass confusion.

As for the app itself, its described as “essentially a Gen Z-branded, ‘psychedelic” video-chat app that transposes people’s disembodied heads onto little bodies in various locales and allows you to “call your friends and chill in magical spaces'”. Whatever that means.

May she fart upon you!

!! OMG, Ivanka Trump’s former best friend and maid of honor, Lysandra Ohrstrom, has spilled the tea about her to Vanity Fair !!

Ivanka Trump‘s former best friend and maid of honor, Lysandra Ohrstrom, has spilled the tea about her in a new article for Vanity Fair. According to Ohrstrom:

Her first memory of Ivanka is of her loudly farting and blaming it on a classmate.
Ivanka didn’t want to read books about “fucking poor people”
Trump used to criticize Ivanka’s weight and would praise Lysanda when she lost weight.
Ivanka’s former inner circle is shocked that she hasn’t stood up to Trump, as she apparently doesn’t actually hold the same beliefs.
Ivanka used to threaten to “replace” Lysandra
Ivanka was angry about Lysandra’s pro-Palestine stance.
Ivanka made racist comments about Lysandra’s Arabic necklace: “It just screams ‘terrorist.'”
Ivanka called her a Marxist bc she was concerned about affordable housing.

How are we not surprised by any of this!

!! OMG, South Dakota ER nurse says some dying patients still don’t believe COVID is real !!


Even on their COVID deathbeds, they’re still in denial apparently! Eeesh! Check out one nurse’s interview above!

!! OMG, RIP: Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek !!

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! since 1984, passed away from pancreatic cancer Sunday. He was 80 years old. The official Twitter account of Jeopardy! posted Sunday afternoon announcing the news, saying Trebek was surrounded by friends and family when he passed away.

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