!! OMG, listen: ‘Real Life’ by Kat Duma !!

Kat Duma portrait by Kirk Lisaj

Photo by Kirk Lisaj

You already know we love Toronto-based producer and songwriter Kat Duma, and after a series of singles, her long-awaited debut full length record Real Life has finally dropped via UK-based label DMY (stream or purchase it here).

The eight track album is short and sweet, delivering epic dub-like soundscapes suited equally to the hazy scorch of summer and late night post-party cool downs. In an unexpected twist—and at peak-ambience—the record also features a near-unrecognizable cover of The Pixies song “Ana.”

The press release for the record reads:

Real Life expands on Duma’s singular ability to produce work that wrestles with the balance between the material world – the body, the planet – as well as the unattainable and the spectral: heaven, love, and nature vs supernature.

Album art for Real Life by Kat DumaLyrically, the record is giving  “liminal space,” further illustrated in a video accompanying the title track (watch it after the jump), directed by artist and photographer Kristie Muller. The visual sees the artist suspended in a series “in-betweens”—in hotel rooms, getting dressed for or on the way to a destination never revealed, floating weightless in a pool.

It’s giving new love, bubble bath, stoner make-out, nap time, existential drift. The perils of Real Life, ironically, feel very distant during the album’s 28-minute runtime!

Watch the video for “Real Life” and preview the album after the jump!

We know this will be a big one for the season. You can cop the vinyl via Duma’s Bandcamp now or stream it on your fav platform.

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