!! Katherine McPhee knows what boys like !!

This still is from the upcoming film I Know What Boys Like starring Anna Faris and a boobalicious pushed-up Katherine McPhee. It looks like Mean Girls with a trashier slant. Read the synopsis to see what I mean:

When Shelly, a Playboy bunny, is tossed out of the mansion, she has nowhere to go until she falls in with the sorority girls from Zeta Tau Zeta. The members of the sorority – who also have got to be the seven most socially clueless women on the planet – are about to lose their house. They need a dose of what only the eternally bubbly Shelley can provide… but they will each learn on their own to stop pretending to be what others want them to be and start being themselves.

Other points of interest: Katherine McPhee’s character is pregnant in the movie and Rumer Willis (pictured above, far right… what is she wearing?) plays one of her friends! There is also an appearance by Beverly D’Angelo, one of my favorite actresses ever (I just re-watched Coalminer’s Daughter for the one millionth time the other night).

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  1. !!!OMG!!! I love you even more than I already did… Coal Miners Daughter is one of my favorite movies ever. I think I have watched it 1 Million and 1 times…

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