!! Katie Holmes has a friend in Victoria Beckham !!

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This is the first time in recent memory that I have seen Katie Holmes out walking around without Tom Cruise. Now we have to wonder why Victoria Beckham would be her companion, unless the Church of Scientology is courting the Beckhams for membership. They promised Posh she could be a level 11 high wizardess +2 with bonus levels if she brings David along.
Unfortunately for the Scientologists, Victoria Beckham has a well-known “no books” policy that would make her reading Dianetics rather difficult.
See one more photo of Katie and Posh out on the town after the jump.

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2 Comments on "Katie Holmes has a friend in Victoria Beckham"

  1. Katie Holmes tries to snag more recruits

    The Church of Scientology has found a perky new ambassador in Katie Holmes, and she pulled out all the stops during Paris Fashion Week. After being sighted last week with Victoria Beckham at the YSL show, here she is posing with walking skeleton Kate …

  2. look at katie, she’s got this ridiculous smile on her face. it’s either because:
    1. omg, i can’t believe i’m hanging out with a spice girl! i totally loved spice girls when i was 12! or
    2. omg, i can’t believe i’m actually outside in the real world!
    she even looks like she’s attempting to look cool, but spent too much time indoors building spaceships to know what’s going on…IN DA REAL WORLD!

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