!! OMG, Kelly Obsourne is almost unrecognisable as she debuts new transformation !!

Apparently the singer, Ozzy‘s daughter and activist is saying it’s related to her new vegan diet and working out. Check out Kelly‘s transformation after the jump!

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14 Comments on "OMG, Kelly Obsourne is almost unrecognisable as she debuts new transformation"

  1. weight loss is bid for relevance?

  2. That’s not a transformation, that’s a wide-angle camera and FaceTune.

  3. She wasn’t so big she needed a gastric band or any other extreme surgery. Fags wanna scream equality and whine about being bullied or made fun of for some reason and then have no problem bullying, making fun of or trashing/bashing someone – someone who is actually a queer ally, no less!! Plus if she hadn’t lost weight most of y’all would be calling her fat & saying she needs to lose weight. Let’s post pics of all you haters & naysayers for the entire world to bash, diss, crack on, make fun of and talk shit about and see if you’re still as big of a hypocrite as so many of you truly are.

    Namaste, bitches!!

  4. Head transplant?


  6. Never liked her, she’s a waste of time snob living off Daddy’s name.
    Really don’t care what her weight is on the outside, the inside is vapid and ugly.

    • BULLSHIT!!! If you TRULY didn’t care you wouldn’t have even bothered to neither read the damn article nor take the time to leave a comment. And who really gives a flying fuck if she’s made a name for herself off daddy’s name? She’s damn sure not the first celebrity child to do so & damn sure won’t be the last!! BUT, she also had pretty much already made a name for herself from the reality show the family had years ago. So, in all actuality, the only thing vapid here would be your comment.

  7. Vegan diet and some nose candy,most

  8. Eeeeewwww. Was the filter vegan too?

  9. @bigjoe59. @daniel If Osbourne hadn’t lost the weight you’d be fat shaming her. Get over it.

  10. Hello-

    so i suppose the new “beauty standard” is looking as thin as possible
    without looking anorexic. I’ll pass.

  11. Vegan diet and a gastric band!

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