!! OMG, she’s all of us: Kim Kardashian gets silly !!

Kim K posing silly!

Some people might think that rich celebrities like Kim Kardashian live another existence because of their wealth…

But deep down, we’re all the same right? We all have fears and aspirations, we all make mistakes, and we all have different sides to our personality. Sometimes we’re more serious, and other times we like to get silly!!!

That’s why we felt totally SEEN when Kim Kardashian posted this silly selfie on Instagram! So #relatable!!!

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7 Comments on "OMG, she’s all of us: Kim Kardashian gets silly"

  1. wow! people are really in their feelings over a comical post on Kim Kardashian. get outside folks, there’s a whole world out there.

  2. She’s not me – I didn’t “accidentally” on-purpose release a sextape to boost a career, because I’m talentless, lacking intellect, and raised by a publicity-hungry wolf.
    I’m not just over this family, I was never into them. Have never understood why anyone else was.
    So they have boobs and butts – welcome to the planet!!

  3. Mouth or asshole, that’s the real question.

  4. I am not a part of that “we” you mentioned. I, for one, am proud I’m nothing like that publicity whore.

  5. #stupid.
    what is wrong with you thinking anyone but trash could relate to THAT?
    i don’t care about how much she has. She made a career from a terrible sex tape. People ate it up and made the c*nt popular. So what? She has zero talent in bed and in real life. No one is jealous. There are many wealthy people to be jealous about, NOT her. Stop giving this ho attention. I’m sure she pays for it. Just ask Vogue. She pays them off to report constantly on her. She pays for the attention.

  6. Who gives a flying fuck about the Kardashiwhores? They don’t need any more fake publicity.

  7. You felt seen because a Kardashian posted a photo with a silly face? That’s just so sad. But I guess it does explain a lot of the superficial content on this website.

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