!! OMG, unusual pets: London lady and her pet duck !!

London woman and her pet duckIf you can domesticate a dog or a cat, I don’t see the reason why you can’t domesticate any other animal? I’ve always thought a fox or raccoon would make a cute pet.

Maybe in 1970s London that would’ve been possible? Don’t you love the spirit of this London Lady from the ’70s and her domesticated duck?

You can see it really makes her light up! and according to her, the duck enjoys living in her flat! Every time she goes to the park to set it free, it just runs back to her.

Does anyone else think that’s really cute? That’s what pet ownership should be.

Check out the video, after the jump:


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  1. I’m obsessed with this woman! She is off her rocker and someone needs to do a modern parody of her and get her to RDR snatch game status!

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