!! OMG, gossip: Ben Cohen takes us behind the scenes of his calendar shoot !!

OMG, how delicious is this behind-the-scenes footage of Ben Cohen‘s calendar shoot? [joe]
Lindy West says: Stay away from those “limited edition” candy corn Oreos [jezebel]
Bello magazine’s new fall fashion issue might as well be called “Hotties in various states of undress” [oh la la]
…And speaking of fashion, check out all the shirtless goodness on the New York runways right now [socialite life]
Christina Aguilera tweeted her new album cover and it’s… it’s… you should see it for yourself [dlisted]
You’ve gotta wonder how you’d react to learning that your ex-boyfriend has been living in your attic — because that actually happened to this woman [kenneth]
In proof of that the American Dream still exists, Octomom‘s porn money bought her hoard of children a house [popbytes]
…And speaking of kiddies, Blake Lively told Allure she’d like to have 30 [amy grindhouse]
OMG, Carrie Underwood loves kitties almost as much as we do [evil beet]
Time suck: The ten most addictive games on Facebook [celebrity cafe]
Bigger time suck: The 100 greatest gay movies of all time [after elton]
Matthew Dempsey is a smart, attractive, emotionally-in-touch gay man — which probably means that, no, he’s not single [towleroad]
In case you needed to know, this is what happens when Batman meets The Avengers [double viking]
Sammy Adams probably doesn’t make his own beer, but he sure can hold a tune [arjan]
OMG, Lady Gaga shaved her head [allie]
Meanwhile, the formerly shaved Britney Spears is “having panic attack after panic attack” [celebitchy]
…And speaking of Brit, girl sure loves to twist [tabloid prodigy]
Who is James Quaintance and where can we get more of him? [berry]

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