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!! OMG, move over, Britney! Barbra Streisand’s 48hr-running memoir, “My Name Is Barbra,” is has all the hot tea !!

We think thats fans will opt for the audio version, read by Miss Barbra Streisand herself. BUT even at that, the audiobook is still 48 hours and 14 minutes long on Audible.

Find a breakdown of some of the hottest secret moments revealed in Babs’ memoir after the jump!


!! OMG, Britney’s ‘The Woman In Me’ breaks the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest-selling non-fiction book of all-time !!

BEST-SELLING AUTH-NEY! Britney Spears has already broken the Guinness World Record for fastest selling non-fiction book of all time, which was set by Prince Harry with 3 million copies in the first week…(!!) Enterpris-NEY!… But just *how* many books you ask??


!! OMG, UNCAHT literature: Julia Fox has written a memoir titled ‘DOWN THE DRAIN’ coming out in October !!

“A possessive and abusive drug-dealing boyfriend whose torment continued even from within Rikers Island; her own trips to jail as well as to a psychiatric hospital; her work as a dominatrix that led to a complicated entanglement with a sugar daddy; a heroin habit that led to New Orleans trap houses and that she would kick only after the fatal overdose of her best friend; her own near-lethal overdoses and the deaths of still more friends from drugs and suicide; an emotionally explosive, tabloid-dominating romance with a figure she dubs “The Artist”; a whirlwind, short-lived marriage and her trials as a single parent striving to support her young son.”

Holy shit. Count us in! Pre-order Miss Julia‘s new book DOWN THE DRAIN and support her YOUNG SON here.

!! OMG, a Q&A with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu !!

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu

Jamie Stewart’s debut novel Anything That Moves begins with an author’s note. It reads:

“If we are related, please, for the love of God, do not read this book.”

The book charts the more notable sexual exploits of the author’s history across 31 chapters. It’s true that familial dysfunction, self-flagellation (of the non-erotic variety), and moral chaos take as much as part of the narrative as the expanse of sexual tales do here.

Those familiar with Stewart’s band Xiu Xiu will have their sea legs in their distinct ability to confront the terror of mortality and the irony of the underwhelming thud of life with a blunt humor that reads as tongue-in-cheek as it does eviscerating in its honesty.

Jamie Stewart has made a career of inhabiting this space, and with their debut book Anything That Moves, Stewart very much takes the throne there.

Anything that Moves by Jamie StewartXiu Xiu songs are often packaged in pummelling power electronics and vocals delivered with an emotional intensity that leave you hoping they aren’t in fact autobiographical. Ranging from the earliest sexual awakenings of their youth to the depths of sexual depravity years into being on the road with their band, these personal accounts leave no question of the brutal reality of their origin in Stewart’s life.

Like some sort of a post-MTV Marquis de Sade, Stewart’s stories are at once horrifying, hilarious, tragic, and often just fucking disgusting. Anything That Moves is a visceral read that you can take to the beach. The stories are frequently quite hot, but this is not erotica—they veer bareback into extremely uncomfortable territory. That discomfort takes many forms—and although heavy, Stewart navigates the thud of life with a refreshing candidness.

It should be mentioned that the book does explore some of the more unsavoury aspects of sexual self-discovery that crosses into (and for the most part remains in) some potentially, if not likely triggering territory for its readers. The following interview may do so as well (this is your content warning)!

Earlier in the month, Xiu Xiu released their album Ignore Grief (stream the album right here):

We talked to Jamie about the parallels between their work as a musician and their newfound role as an author, how the horror of sex can make you a better person, and the origins of unforgettable pick up lines such as, “Hey, little mommy, let’s fuck.”

If there’s a seat belt in your sex sling, its most definitely time to buckle up for this negligently naughty must-read book of the summer.

Experience our very raw conversation with Stewart interspersed with spicy excerpts from the book, after the jump!


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