!! Liz Hurley replaced on ‘Project Catwalk’ !!

I just found out today that Liz Hurley will not be returning for a second season of UK fashion reality show Project Catwalk! The producers got rid of her apparently because she lacks “personality and pizzazz,” which I find astounding. The entire season of watching Liz, I always marveled at how Heidi Klum seemed robotic compared to her and how Liz should host the American Project Runway as well. Maybe I was just being racist against Germans, but I am puzzled by the decision to get rid of Liz, who has such a great on-camera presence and also delivered the line “as we all know, fashion has no mercy” like no one else could. She will be missed.
Elizabeth Hurley red leather
I watched Project Catwalk religiously, for three reasons mainly:
1. Charismatic Liz Hurley and her huge breasts
2. Sexy underdog contestant Matthew Bowkett
3. Fashion disaster/judge Julien MacDonald
And now at least two of those reasons are gone. I fear for next season.

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