!! OMG, WATCH: M3GAN drops in at a drag brunch !!

Make it rain, bitches! M3GAN: The baddest roboslut on the block, busting blocks at the movies this month and ending haters in a pool a blood – is everywhere it seems. I mean, this movie took us by surprise… We thought it might be a gimmick — but we HAD FUN. It’s camp in all the right places and Chuckie should be proud to have a contemporary new sis that goes for the neck.

Drag artist Champagne 🥂 took a Louisville brunch crowd by surprise when she absolutely killed M3GAN’s iconic shimmy dance. Check her out after the jump.


@shes_champagne @meetm3gan Champagne giving us M3GAN at brunch this weekend! #lemoodragbrunch #dragbrunch #m3gandance #m3gan #m3gandoll #m3gancostume

♬ original sound – Le Moo Drag Brunch

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1 Comment on "OMG, WATCH: M3GAN drops in at a drag brunch"

  1. M3ghan is a stupid movie and the fact that gay sites keeps making that idiotic movie a gay icon is puzzling.
    They’re are good horror films and then there’s crap like M3ghan.

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