!! OMG, why not wear it? Mad By Mad’s edible bio-plastic dress !!

Mad By Mad’s edible bio-plastic dress

A look from the Mad by Mad “Pink Matrix” collection

You are what you eat—but what if we wore what we ate, too?

Mad By Mad designer Mata Durikovic served fashionable food for thought at Bratislava’s Fashion Live event earlier this month.

Durikovic, a Central Saint Martins-schooled creative, offered up delectably impish fare during Mad By Mad’s catwalk presentation of her graduate collection in Slovakia, including the “Lemon Crystal Fairy” look seen above.

Crafted with edible bio-plastic (concocted from materials like starch water) and affixed using upcycled Swarovski crystals, the ensemble is Fruit Roll-Up-meets-Fairy Princess and that’s the new dress code, in case anyone is asking!

Elsewhere in the collection Durikovic used deadstock yarns, playing up the designer’s sustainably-minded proclivities.

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The silhouettes, at times insect-like, strongly summon Björk—with a side order of hygge coziness. In a just world, I’d be ensconced in this onesie for the foreseeable future.

Is it counter-intuitive to choose a hibernation outfit with sleeves that will 100% get dragged through my onion chip dip?

And speaking of snacking, let’s take a moment to appreciate the bio-plastic bag that accompanied this outfit, festooned with food-grade flowers.

I’m a big proponent of keeping a refreshment in your purse for emergencies—but what if the tote was the nosh?! I appreciate the efficiency of this idea, and how decadently whimsical yet environmentally-invested this accessory is.

Clearly those in attendance at the recent runway show were impressed by these partially-comestible cuties, as Durikovic took home the Best Fashion Talent award from the Slovak Fashion Council. I’m certainly hungry for more.

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