!! OMG, Madonna and Missy join Dua Lipa on Levitating Remix !!

Madge doesn’t appear in the video. She’s likely busy making creepy Instagram videos at home on her bathroom floor – BUT Missy is in it, which we are living for. Nice to see her back. Check out the clip above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Madonna and Missy join Dua Lipa on Levitating Remix"

  1. Like the video but the remix is poor. The melody is dull and monotonous. Where the hell is Madonna in it. Been a fan for 34 years and I had to listen to it several times to make out the tiny part Madonna plays in it. The original version of this song on the album is better in every way, although I like the addition of Missy Elliot’s part.

  2. nice video. average song

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