!! OMG, Madonna sports new look, makes out with new collaborator at NYFW’s Marni show !!

Madonna was seen seated at the Marni show at NYFW this week, sporting an “Insert Money Here’ bag, looking a little Eartheater-ish and even made a point to publicly lock lips with her new collaborator Tokischa to the surprise of some of her fans.

One Twitter user shares, “I wasn’t ready to see Tokischa and Madonna making out like that. I’m literally younger than their age difference.” With a different point of view, a fan shares, “Wait so are they really dating? Like, Madonna and Tokischa… GIRLFRIENDS? IF THATS THE CASE OH BABY I WON.”

Check out more of Madge and Tokischa after the jump! Um, well, we’re more for this vibe than her Diplo or Hard Candy era… lets just say that.

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19 Comments on "OMG, Madonna sports new look, makes out with new collaborator at NYFW’s Marni show"

  1. Snap out of it. Madonna is the Queen and she doesn’t need you to tell her how to dress or behave.

  2. It’s painful to look at pictures of her these days. For me, anyway. Kate Moss has been out and about lately – looking wonderful – embracing her age and her face – showing wrinkles and realness – making me appreciate her in ways I never have before. A woman should not be considered brave to look normal for her age. Madonna left normal behind forty years ago.

  3. Its really time to stop.

  4. I really dislike this “act your age” thing. You should act how you feel and this is obviously how she feels. And Madonna has almost always done what she wants, and when she’s tried being a follower, it didn’t work. In a time where all we hear about is accepting people as they are, why don’t we try doing just that. If this isn’t your thing, then don’t engage. But stop being so judgmental. You only get one life – live it your way.

  5. She has always been in her youth-eater phase. This isn’t female empowerment, it’s borderline evil and not even in a cool way. It would be sad to see her turn into an old letch, if she hadn’t already been a young and middle-aged letch who steals the artistry, and life-spirit of young artists (often people of color) to mimic their culture and aesthetic for each of these “Eras”. Remember when she used to use black male bodies as furniture, likening them to horses she rides, and fetishize?
    She now is transparently striving for relevance and evoking desire from those younger than her children. If she actually had kept her baby in papa don’t preach, these kids she is literally fucking around with would be the same age or younger than the grand children she would already have by her “baby”. She can do whatever the fuck she wants with her appearance, but the woman is a fucking predator. I’m sick of seeing people defend these aspects of her garnering sexual control over people (1/3 her age) using her immense power, money, whitness & every priveledge imaginable. Oh, you were a fan of hers for 30+ years therefore she should be immune to accountability? Any Roger Ailes fans out there?

  6. LOL at all the judgy comments. I’ve been a huge fan for 30+ years and nothing she does right now (or anytime) will ever diminish her brilliance and what she’s single-handedly done for women, the LGBT+ community and music…
    She’s (still) the Queen and she has free reign (see what I did there?) to do as she likes!

  7. Is someone dressing her like this? If she does have a person making her look like this, she should fire that person. There is aging gracefully and this is not it. She can still look sexy and young in good clothing, makeup, etc. But this is not it.

  8. Never heard of Tchocheke, but she ugly. Love pre-2021 Madonna but she looks stupid now, especially with those grills and braided hair. She’s looking a lot like that old lady in the Studio 54 movie that dies on the dance floor.

  9. Yeah, Love her.

  10. She’s totally in her own world, but all you bitches need to unclench. She’s not behaving any different than she always has. Y’all seem so bothered, if you’re that offended ignore her … but your low key ageism and misogyny is showing.

  11. She looks ridiculous!
    Isn’t it sad when people don’t realize (or have friends that tell them) they look foolish?
    This isn’t trend-setting or progressive or a statement – it’s just stupid.

  12. This is what happens when pure ego and narcissism are driving the ship. Was so hoping she would go out gracefully as a legend, and not end as tragic figure. Oh well.

  13. I support Madonna in anything she does, however, lately what she has been doing reeks of trying to stay in the public eye…personally with all that cash, id retire and do some charity or volunteer work…

  14. LOVE her!!!!

  15. YUCK! She looks TIRED!!! Those lips!!!! barf!!!

    I do love Marni clothes!!

  16. Doesn’t this publicity hound know she’s eligible for the senior discount at Dunkin’ Donuts?

  17. Dear Madonna: My dear, isn’t it about time you act your age? After all, you are one year away from Medicare! No matter how much plastic surgery you do, no matter how many cornrow wigs you have, no matter how many leather corsets or fishnet stockings you wear will bring back the 1980s. You had it together when you went through your Evita phase, but maybe it’s time to retire, like Sinatra did, and then come back. Hey, how about doing an album of standards, not from the 40s and 50s, but the 60s, 70s and 80s. Robbie Williams is doing his own work backed by an orchestra. Sorry, Madge, but no!

  18. No. No. Absolutely not.

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