!! OMG, why not wear it? Schiaparelli body part bags !!

Maison Schiaparelli tote bag

Maison Schiaparelli tote bag

Maison Schiaparelli has graciously gifted us with some of the past few seasons’ most strangely pleasing pieces.

The storied Surrealism-centric fashion house has been featured on essentially every red carpet and magazine cover in the last year; and it outdoes itself each collection in upholding founder Elsa Schiaparelli’s notion that “that anatomy is not just a point of inspiration, but a playground.”

See how the designers interpreted this iconic quote after the jump!

I give you the Claw Foot shoe from Spring/Summer 2022 Haute Couture:

Is creating an ogre-toed heel the ultimate troll for thirsty fashionistas looking to get noticed? Only the brand’s current designer Daniel Roseberry knows for sure…

But somehow the creative brief of capturing the essence of the world’s richest and least appealing pedicure customer works, IMO.

Not only are they an automatic conversation starter, but you can pretty much guarantee that only people with a sense of humour are going to approach you if you’re wearing these shoes. (Apologies if you only want to attract attention from the unimaginative, hun!)

For those not yet ready to dip their toes into the golden Lady Godzilla fashun waters, the otherworldly atelier offers up fare that’s still fantastical but dare I say, more wearable?

Schiaparelli’s tote bags come in a variety of sculpted leather looks ranging from sassy six-pack to this OTT ode to aural fixation.

Nothing says “I’m extra” like a bag that comes with its own jewellery.

If fashion is the armour of everyday life, as late photographer Bill Cunningham put it, then this bag is the reward for successfully getting through every Zoom meeting where Todd in accounting was on mute more than once.

I honestly thought I’d be over seeing Schiaparelli EVERYWHERE and on EVERYONE by now, but the allure of its mildly deranged and opulent oeuvre still sucks me back in because it is a banishment to wardrobe-based boredom.

In fact, ideally, the more the likes of Kim K. and other household names famously flex in Schiaparelli freshness, the quicker we can all start living by my mantra: Stop being weird and be weird. And that’s music to my ears.

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  1. This has been a signature of Elsa Schiaparelli when she was designing. It’s avant-garde and amazing! Those who don’t get it probably buy boring crap.

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