!! OMG, Mansion where Menendez brothers murdered their parents sells for $17M !!

Apparently a local family have just purchased the Menendez murder home, which has only changed hands three times in the 35 years since the brutal murders!

It is perhaps one of the most infamous homes in true crime history. But for all the darkness that surrounds it, the Los Angeles mansion where Erik and Lyle Menendez murdered their parents today bears no remnant of the grisly crime for which it is known. Lavish and well-maintained, the Mediterranean-style mansion sits behind carefully clipped hedges and sycamore trees on a lovely, sunny street in the Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood…

The home’s macabre history also failed to scare well-heeled buyers away. After putting it up for sale at the end of last year, longtime owner Samuel Delug has just unloaded the place for exactly $17 million—a discount off the nearly $20 million ask, but still more than quadruple what the local businessman paid for the house back in 2001. The new owners, per records, are the Lahijanis, a wealthy Iranian family based in Beverly Hills.

Would you shell out to live in a murder home, OMG?

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1 Comment on "OMG, Mansion where Menendez brothers murdered their parents sells for $17M"

  1. Live in it, no. Make an attraction for people to visit, hell yeah.

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