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!! OMG, quote of the day: Erasure frontman Andy Bell turned down sex with aliens because he’s gay !!

Erasure frontman Andy Bell, 55, claims around 1,000 “hairy” drones visited him at his apartment and “one of the angels” asked him if he wanted to find out what it was like to hook up with an alien. He says he thought:

“No. I’m not quite ready for it yet, because they are all sexualities, all together, all mixed up, and they’ve got like one tentacle. The thing that stopped me from doing it,” he says, “is because I say that I’m gay and their sexual experience is neither gay nor straight, female nor male, it’s all mixed up together. I didn’t want to go with a woman. That’s just how I am.”

I guess bisexual humans are the future of alien relationships!

Read the original OMG.BLOG Q&A with Vince Clarke of Erasure here!

!! OMG, that’s SPOICY! How the Tabasco sauce factory makes 700K bottles a day !!

On this episode of Cult Following, host Daniel Geneen heads to the McIlhenny factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, where the world’s supply of Tabasco sauce is made. Follow along as Daniel learns about the 150-year-old family run business, and the Tabasco-making process, from pepper to barrel to bottle

It’s kind of like Mister Rogers is still with us! Find out how one of the world’s most popular hot sauces is made above!

!! OMG, nostalgia overload: Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones !!

Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones, this time as a smartphone with a foldable inner screen. The inside screen will be similar to the screen size of the regular iPhone 11, though not as wide. It’s initially going to be sold for $1,500 BUT in the US only, and launching on December 26 (weird timing). Will you be going back to your old pink flip Razr, OMG?

!! OMG, QUESTION: Does Nightwing have the finest ass of any superhero? !!

Nightwing is the alias of Dick Grayson, aka the original Robin. Nightwing wasn’t always taken seriously among comic book readers because of the homoerotic nature of Robin, plus Nightwing was drawn in a way that appealed to women. (Men have no problem with female superheroes who are objectified, but they won’t take a male drawn for the female gaze seriously.)

Um, we’ll take it seriously! And inspect it closely! Check out Dick Grayson’s fine ass after the jump!


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