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!! OMG, dystopian Cat video game STRAY shares new gameplay footage !!

A game that centers around a kitty living in a cyber-dystopian nightmare!? Sign us up. This is enough to get us to buy a Playstation in time for winter this year…Via GameInformer:

Though the game seems poised to become an indie darling, probably fueled by the internet’s well-documented love of cats, we didn’t know much about Stray before today. First shown at Sony’s PlayStation event last summer, Stray’s announcement trailer communicated two things very well. One, Stray has a cat in it – that sometimes wears a tiny backpack. Two, the game’s fearless feline inhabits a grim cityscape populated by mechanical beings. Humanity, it seems – if several graffiti messages in the trailer are any indication – has met with some unkind end. Between the game’s intriguing, though foreboding, world and its adorable character, we were eager to see more.

Check out the brand new look at STRAY above!

!! OMG, WATCH: The mysterious flying figure known as ‘Jetpack Man’ is spotted for a 4th time !!

The mysterious unidentified jetpack pilot was spotted again near Los Angeles International airport Wednesday. A Boeing 747 pilot reported seeing the flying object, and the tower reacted with a cascade of alerts to incoming and outgoing planes to keep eyes out for the flying person. This is the fourth time Jetpack Man has been spotted flying over the Los Angeles flight zone in recent months. Check out the live videos after the jump! Pretty spectacular!


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