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!! OMG, Donald Duck as Wolverine is a comic that is actually happening in ‘WHAT IF!?’ Anniversary Edition !!

The comic will introduce Donald-Wolverine along with all sorts of reimagined Disney and Marvel mashups in a wild adventure inspired by one of Wolverine’s most memorable story arcs, Old Man Logan. In addition, the saga will revisit some of the greatest moments in Donald-Wolverine’s history, including his time spent with Weapon X and the Uncanny X-Men!

We’re all for strange crossovers like this. Now mix Mystique with Roadrunner or Pepé LePew with Rogue! They could get into some trouble.

!! OMG, Mansion where Menendez brothers murdered their parents sells for $17M !!

Apparently a local family have just purchased the Menendez murder home, which has only changed hands three times in the 35 years since the brutal murders!

It is perhaps one of the most infamous homes in true crime history. But for all the darkness that surrounds it, the Los Angeles mansion where Erik and Lyle Menendez murdered their parents today bears no remnant of the grisly crime for which it is known. Lavish and well-maintained, the Mediterranean-style mansion sits behind carefully clipped hedges and sycamore trees on a lovely, sunny street in the Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood…


!! OMG, Saltburn is getting their own ‘Funko Pop!’ vinyl figures !!

Funko Pop! collectible merch brand announced Monday morning the upcoming release of two vinyl pop figures of the film’s two leading men: Oliver and Felix. The toys aren’t yet available to shop online, but fans can expect them to arrive on Amazon and the Funko Pop shop once they officially launch. Check out Felix’s figure after the jump!


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