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!! OMG, nostalgia overload: Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones !!

Motorola is relaunching its Razr flip-phones, this time as a smartphone with a foldable inner screen. The inside screen will be similar to the screen size of the regular iPhone 11, though not as wide. It’s initially going to be sold for $1,500 BUT in the US only, and launching on December 26 (weird timing). Will you be going back to your old pink flip Razr, OMG?

!! OMG, QUESTION: Does Nightwing have the finest ass of any superhero? !!

Nightwing is the alias of Dick Grayson, aka the original Robin. Nightwing wasn’t always taken seriously among comic book readers because of the homoerotic nature of Robin, plus Nightwing was drawn in a way that appealed to women. (Men have no problem with female superheroes who are objectified, but they won’t take a male drawn for the female gaze seriously.)

Um, we’ll take it seriously! And inspect it closely! Check out Dick Grayson’s fine ass after the jump!


!! OMG, Barbie creates X-Men collection to mark 80 years of MARVEL !!

It looks as if Mattel has finally found a way to corner the market of us gay nerds and geeky girls! An X-MEN special edition set of dolls featuring Mystique, Jean Grey, and Storm are all on their way!!

Each of the new Barbies offer character-specific features such as their similar uniforms, hair and other accessories found both in the comics and movies. The dolls are about 12 inches tall and are available for purchase from Barbie for pre-order at $50 per doll.

Each specially designed package also includes a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Who’s your fave of the three — and where the fuck is ROGUE!? Is her streaked hair too exspensive to manufacture? Find more images of the dolls after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: 10 times ‘Game Of Thrones’ stole from ‘Lord of the Rings’ !!

It’s safe to say that JR Tolkien set the bar incredibly high with his fantasy series The Lord of the Rings. Between the books and movies he really set the standard for the genre and A Song of Ice And Fire author George RR Martin admits to being inspired by his work. But are there some times when his series went from paying tribute to straight up stealing?

Check out 10 instances where GOT may have straight up ripped off LOTR above!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!