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!! OMG, want to spice up your mornings? This ‘SHREK pooping’ toothpaste dispenser might help !!

So it seems as if the ‘pooping Shrek’ toothpaste dispenser has gone viral on TikTok with more than 11 million views. Our planet is doomed. BUTT, there’s obviously something people love about it.

The piece is 3D-printed from PLA plastic and is designed to fit a standard Colgate toothpaste tube, but likely fits other major brands as well. If you fancy one for your own home, then grab one on ETSY here. OR just check out some more degrees of Shrek’s BM after the jump!


!! OMG, the FDA approves injectable PrEP treatment !!

The FDA have officially OKed a new injectable form of the HIV treatment pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) last week. Named Apretude, the injection will be available for use by at-risk adults and teens that “weigh a minimum 77 pounds and test negative for HIV prior to treatment.”

The treatment’s approval comes after two double-blind studies found that patients that took Apretude were 90% less likely of contracting HIV as compared to study participants that took oral PrEP treatment Truvada. There is also hope that Apretude will boost adherence levels as well since it doesn’t have to be taken daily. Apretude is administered in two initial shots one month apart and subsequent injections every two months afterward.

This is great news for all you forgetful PrEP-takers out there! Now you can just remember to show up to the doctor’s office every 2 months. Hopefully this also won’t be as costly as PrEP is by the pill. Maybe they can work on that next??

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!! OMG, tired of having your packages stolen this holiday? This porch-pirate glitterbomb paypack video just made our day !!

Okay, normally we aren’t really into Ashton Kutcher-esque PUNKINGS… buuuuut… It’s big-time therapeutic watching these deserving porch-pirates steal packages and get what’s coming to them: GLITTER! and FARTS!

Gayest payback ever, no!? And they’re caught on camera. Check it out after the jump!


!! OMG, reddit users are speculating which fictional characters probably have a massive 🍆 !!

Since December is a slower month for a lot of folks, many people may be at their computers with little else to do but speculate the girth of fictional characters. And where better place to do such a thing than Reddit – and that’s exactly what a group of users has done! Check out a list of some of their hunches on who might be the biggest after the jump! It’s LOLs.


!! OMG, WATCH: There’s a new LOTR: Gollum video game coming out, and it has a trailer !!

Since we already FEEL like Gollum after being stuck inside for the last two years, — finally you’ll soon be able to LIVE like Gollum in this live-action cinematic game GOLLUM: The Untold Story which has just been teased at the 2021 Game Awards.

This is some shit we can get behind. Not enough villain games out there and there’s really not enough retinol cream in the Shire to stop his lifestyle from becoming our true destiny. Check out the trailer above!

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