!! Mark Foley was a star-maker !!

The Mark Foley (aka Maf54) scandal seems so long ago at this point, but the real bread-and-butter of the case has only recently become available: the full transcript [PDF] of Instant Messenger conversations between Foley and the high school student he was trying desperately to seduce.
The key word is “desperately.” If you read the whole thing, it might make you depressed at what a sad, desperate man Foley is, but there’s also more than a little humor, such as this manipulative tidbit:

Maf54: what makes me attractive to you [Redacted]: i dunno Maf54: try Maf54: its between us [Redacted]: i like stylish, elite type ppl Maf54: good [Redacted]: lol Maf54: i want to help you become that person [Redacted]: thats cool Maf54: very successful Maf54: and very confident [Redacted]: im hoping [Redacted]: well im confident Maf54: you will be [Redacted]: now i just have to get the succesful thing down [Redacted]: lol Maf54: and we will make oyu successful [Redacted]: good good [Redacted]: lol Maf54: as long as you dont mind me grabbing your dick once in a while

Also watch out for the moments where Foley’s young friend says that Foley makes him a “little turned on, maybe,” and how he “probably has a boner as hard as Foley’s.” Non-committal has never been so sexy.
(via Queerty)

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