!! OMG, it’s opposites day! Some genius made masks for the anti-maskers(?!) !!

How do you get a bunch of white people who feel SO oppressed by simple health orders to just wear a mask during a global pandemic?! Write sassy, rebellious sayings on them that would make any pouty teenager seem mature by comparison. Check out some masks for the anti-maskers after the jump! Sheesh!


[via sadanduseless]

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7 Comments on "OMG, it’s opposites day! Some genius made masks for the anti-maskers(?!)"

  1. I sure love it when Trumpers and anti-maskers buy stuff like this, to advertise how ill-informed they are. Kinda gives me a smile as I run away from them as fast as possible (assuming they don’t wear masks anywhere they don’t have to… thus, they’re probably super-spreaders).

    Side note to anti-maskers: To me, the mask is like a speed bump to slow the likeliness of getting Covid. I know a “piece of fabric” isn’t a guarantee of protection but I also know, it’s smart to put a bandaid on an open wound to keep it cleaner, and this is a simiiar concept.

  2. It’s a little unnerving that you’re being openly racist to white people. I know it sounds petty but if you were to replace the word white with any other color or race people would be demanding that your site be taken down. I’m honestly not bothered I just think the irony is kind of funny.

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