!! OMG, he’s naked: Matthias Osnabrück goes frontal in ‘Adam sucht Eva: Season 3’ !!

Man-oh-man, what we would do for some time on a tropical island right now! Would we date chicks in the nude? Probably not! But Matthias would. And DID! Check him out on Adam sucht Eva: Season 3 after the NSFW jump!


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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Matthias Osnabrück goes frontal in ‘Adam sucht Eva: Season 3’"

  1. elsayed ismail | February 26, 2020 at 3:33 pm | Reply

    he is blond with nice dick

  2. elsayed ismail | February 21, 2020 at 5:45 pm | Reply

    they are with blond hair so they are so beautiful

  3. You guys are cute… Matthias Osnabrück isn’t his name – Matthias is his first name, Osnabrück is the name of the city he’s from, and his last name wasn’t released (as is the standard with reality TV shows)! XD

  4. He’s really pretty. So is the Tall Guy. But most astounding is those two ACTUALLY HAVE PUBES!!! Manly men. Other observation, Blond Guy is a super grower—most responsive dick of the group. Tall Dude is a show-er, constantly big and floppy and, in my experience, remains pretty much the same size when erect. Looks like Blond Guy inflates to nearly as large as Tall Dude when aroused.

  5. I guess a trimmed pubes are better than no pubes like most of these contestants.

    I DID……

    • That’s just your hemorrhoids hanging out of your blown out hole…

    • The fact that this website allows that kind of endless trolling from the same “person” is beyond understanding. Unless that “Shannon” is…

  7. There guy’s cocks are all flaccid – does that mean that they don’t find any of the others attractive or is it just me – I always get a hard on when I find another guy attractive even if he’s clothed, but if he’s naked…. well anybody around can’t help but see my cock is hard even if I’m wearing pants 😉

    • I think I read somewhere (specifically for the USA MTV version of this show, “Dating Naked”) that the male contestants are given something to prevent arousal and unwanted erections during the filming of these shows. Besides, it leaves something to the mystery (how long or how thick is he when he’s hard) since everyone is naked.

  8. Mmm I’d suck that cock

  9. Is that the rare German cut dick? I like it, average but perky, and cute like the rest of him.

    • I noticed he was cut, too. But what I really noticed was that he had a little chest hair and his pubes weren’t shaved completely away. A majority of the men featured on these shows are shaved/waxed hairless. It’s good to see that some of the men are keeping their body hairy where genetics made them that way.

    • A lot of guys are cut in Germany for non religious reasons. There’s a trend among teenagers who have been getting it done for aesthetic reasons for the past 20 years and rising. Also many new parents are opting for it w their children these days, especially among upper and upper middle classes! Same in France and UK. So it’s not the rare German guy. Millions are. Travel there and you’ll see for yourself! It was a very nice surprise the first time (of many) that I experienced this w the locals!

      • Oh please Tony. That’s so false and you always promote circumcision. If anything, only the immigrant/working classes or the poor are circumcised because of their religion. Cut looks ugly btw but keep trying

  10. He should’ve ditched the girl and have a shag with those other two hot hunks.

  11. If I wasn’t so terrified of skin cancer, I would be all in.

  12. Meh… pretty face but overall this German boy is not for me…

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