!! Mel Gibson falls off the wagon !!

Not even Bali is far enough away for Mel Gibson to get wasted without someone recognizing him. Poor Mel was swarmed by bar patrons and even had this embarassing photo taken before his people could get him out. (via OMG! WTF?)
I wonder if he called anyone “Sugar Tits.”

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2 Comments on "Mel Gibson falls off the wagon"

  1. I disagree. I think he’s a very talented man who makes amazing films. You have to separate his work from his personal life. He obviously has a very serious problem/disease and I truly hope he gets help that finally works. I can’t stand Polanski or Woody Allen as people either, but it cannot be denied that they are talented men. It’s an odd and sad aspect of human nature that we relish people in high places falling hard.

  2. All of his movies are ruined for me forever.

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